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No matter where you are on your spend management journey, Coupa’s Value Services team is with you every step of the way. Our services are designed with value as the true measure of success - so you’re sure to reach your business goals from day one to adoption and beyond.

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Get up and running fast
With a track record of successful implementations, you can rely on Coupa and our trusted partner ecosystem to speed your time to value. Working closely with you and your partner, Coupa is part of your steering committee, providing strategic guidance and oversight to ensure you’re set up for success.
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A framework for success
When it comes to implementing Coupa, we’ve distilled our experience into a four-step methodology that we and our partners use to ensure successful go-lives. Our agile, results-focused approach to configuration, integration, and roll-out is tailored to deliver processes and outcomes aligned to your business goals, ensuring the value you expect starting from day one.

Coupa’s Proven Implementation Methodology

  • Mobilize

    To kick things off, you and your project team will establish project governance, review your success goals and metrics, and ensure that your core team gets plugged into the training and documentation they’ll need to be successful.

  • Model

    With alignment on your business goals, your partner will map configuration and integration plans to support your required business outcomes. Following architecture and design reviews by Coupa Expert Services, your implementation partner will deploy your test system.

  • Validate

    In your test system, your project team will plan and execute User Acceptance Testing to confirm the configuration meets your business needs. This is also when you’ll formalize plans for end user training and plan any cutover activities from legacy systems.

  • Deploy

    With acceptance testing complete, your production system will be deployed and hypercare will begin. At this stage, your end users and suppliers will be actively using the platform and you’ll begin seeing measurable business value for your organization.

  • Services mobilize
  • Services model
  • Services validate
  • Services deploy


Achieve greater value through adoption
With proven strategies to help you accelerate user adoption, expand feature usage, and benefit from the latest platform innovations, Coupa Adoption Management is your key to a lifetime of increasing value. See how we can help you engage your users and increase capability for greater savings, speed, and visibility.

Solution Optimization
Assessing your configuration and platform usage, your Coupa Adoption Manager tailors an adoption plan to your business goals, defining actionable milestones and KPIs for value creation and expansion. Collaborating with you, we will:
  • Review your entire configuration to identifying gaps against business best practices
  • Analyze performance and report opportunities against 80+ transactional KPIs
  • Understand your feature entitlements and identify areas to increase utilization
Compliance & Efficiency
Analyzing your configuration, purchasing processes, and actual end-user engagement, your Coupa Adoption Manager identifies opportunities to drive approved purchases through preferred channels at negotiated prices. Collaborating with you, we will:
  • Analyze usage patterns and trends to identify opportunities to increase end-user adoption
  • Review chart of accounts (COA) and accounting elements to optimize for requirements
  • Highlight any unused existing functionality that might add value to your business goals
Process Optimization
Sharing best practices and identifying opportunities to optimize operations, your Coupa Adoption Manager recommends initiatives to engage users and increase capability. With processes designed and honed from engagements around the globe, your Adoption Manager will:
  • Review business processes against best practices and prescribe improvements
  • Identify areas which are causing unnecessary workload or extended approval times
  • Recommend adjustments or enhancements across your instance to drive efficiency
Release Management & Innovation Adoption
Helping you to leverage the latest feature enhancements and innovations, your Coupa Adoption Manager collaborates on release management and highlights new capabilities to support your spend management objectives. Your Coupa Adoption Manager is available to:
  • Provide advice and guidance across Coupa’s three annual major releases
  • Prioritize adoption of new features and capabilities for greatest business impact
  • Support your user acceptance testing (UAT) and move to production activities (MTP)
Supplier Enablement
Ensuring that you’re getting maximum benefit from your supplier relationships, your Adoption Manager provides guidance and helps to develop processes to enable you to manage ongoing supplier onboarding and enablement. Coupa Adoption Managers can help:
  • Develop a baseline of current enabled suppliers
  • Review supplier strategy, segmentation, and onboarding processes
  • Evaluate structured spend opportunities using catalogs, OpenBuy and Coupa Advantage
Developing a training plan to advance your team’s knowledge and skills helps to increase adoption, maximize productivity, and speed time to value. Coupa Adoption Managers collaborate with you on your training strategy to:
  • Identify opportunities to advance knowledge and skills
  • Recommend direction/content for your training program and the best approach for delivery
  • Share best practices and direct expertise within specific business areas

Managed Services

Extend your team with ours
Whether you’re facing a skills gap, frequent turnover, or lean operations, Coupa Managed Services can help tackle your operational challenges. With proven methodologies and a global team of domain experts, Coupa delivers the resources and support you need so your team can focus on more strategic priorities.

Content Management

Supplier Enablement

Risk Management

Content Management

Ongoing content management is the key to an efficient search and buying process. Coupa’s Content Management service provides skilled resources to continuously optimize your content strategy, working directly with suppliers on catalog setup and content updates so your users can easily find exactly what they need.

Content Strategy
The right catalog and content strategy can help you increase spend under management and achieve savings goals. Our experts can help you build or fine-tune your content strategies for the best use of hosted and punchout catalogs, Coupa Open Buy, Coupa Advantage, Order Lists, and Forms - helping to drive compliant spend and savings.

Supplier Onboarding
Using leading practices, Coupa Content Management experts work directly with suppliers on the initial setup of hosted, punchout, and Open Buy catalogs. Our specialists guide suppliers through catalog structure requirements and content validation, and they advise on self-service processes for efficient ongoing content control.

Supplier Communication
Coupa Content Management experts work closely with your suppliers long after the initial onboarding is complete. They’ll serve as the single point of contact for questions or issues, and provide training and support as needed to help ensure mutual success.

Catalog Management
Ongoing catalog management is the key to ensuring your users can find the items they need. Publishing catalogs to your test and production instances is only the beginning. Our specialists manage catalog maintenance updates, establish regular hosted catalog quality checks, and set up notification rules to control content changes.

Forms Management
Forms are an often overlooked tool in bringing spend under control. They can be especially effective for purchasing configurable items or controlling services spend. Our specialists help with the creation and maintenance of Forms so they can be easily found, readily navigated and produce proper requisition lines.

Supplier Enablement

Enabling your supply base to transact electronically delivers mutual benefit to you and your suppliers. The process can be complex, and many companies find that ongoing management is needed to achieve coverage, compliance, and cost-savings goals. Coupa’s Supplier Enablement service provides multilingual resources to accelerate onboarding and enablement, increase efficiency, and reduce supply chain risk.

Supplier Strategy & Planning
We start by preparing a customized supplier enablement strategy aligned to your business goals. Your suppliers will be segmented by spend and transaction volumes and matched with the best channel for transacting on the platform. Project phases are then prioritized to support your business objectives.

Supplier Program Execution & Management
Seasoned Coupa specialists manage the day to day activities to deliver against your KPIs. Using proven processes, tools, and templates, they invite and onboard new suppliers, proactively match suppliers across the Coupa community to your program, and manage the ongoing process of ensuring supplier data is kept up to date.

Supplier Program Reporting & Optimization
Your Supplier Enablement Program Manager will continuously review the status and performance of your program. In addition to monitoring onboarding and enablement, we’ll track KPIs like electronic invoicing volume and percentages, continuously reviewing community-based Supplier Insights to optimize your program and reduce risk.

Risk & Performance Management

Assessing and mitigating supplier risk is more critical than ever to help companies avoid compliance issues that might damage their brand and bottom line. Coupa's Risk & Performance Management service provides specialized resources to manage your Risk Assess application for multiple risk domains, multiple regulators, and complex relationships with suppliers and third-parties.

Risk Program Management
Coupa’s supplier risk and performance management experts will help you define the risk domains applicable to your business. They’ll develop workflows to drive your risk program, consult on multi-tier risk models including suppliers’ suppliers, and set up reporting on key indicators of risk.

Risk Program Management
Coupa’s supplier risk and performance management experts will help you define the risk domains applicable to your business. They’ll develop workflows to drive your risk program, consult on multi-tier risk models including suppliers’ suppliers, and set up reporting on key indicators of risk.

Administration & Support
Managing your Coupa supplier performance and risk applications, your program manager will handle standard administration requests, service requests, and escalations - providing expertise to free you from day to day application operations.

Value Management

Ensuring customer success is not just a catch phrase at Coupa, it’s the first of our company’s core values. Coupa’s Customer Value Management team is your strategic partner, trusted advisor, and results-focused advocate who helps you every step of the way to achieve your business objectives.
  • Strategic Partner

    Customer Value Managers work closely with you to understand your strategic goals and partners with you to develop a value roadmap focusing on success metrics aligned to your business objectives.

  • Trusted Advisor

    Coupa Customer Value Managers host ongoing value reviews to review results, share best practices and collaborate with you to ensure your platform and processes are optimized to reach your business goals.

  • Results-focused Advocate

    Serving as a focal point and advocate within Coupa, Customer Value Managers are measured on your success, not sales, so our relationship is sure to drive innovation and ongoing value for your organization.

  • Strategic Partner
  • Trusted Advisor
  • Results-focused Advocate

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