Coupa Open Business Network Collaborating with Suppliers Made Easy

Open Business Network

Accelerate Business Results with Frictionless Supplier Enablement

With Coupa, you give suppliers choice on how they connect with you. Enablement is fast and easy, and free of fees that drive up costs.
  • Drive Adoption With Flexibility For Suppliers

    Drive adoption by giving your supplier network a choice in how to transact with you, starting with simple email-based options.

  • Improve Supplier Relationships

    Avoid mix-ups and reduce status inquires by proactively sending status updates on transaction approvals.

  • Extend Visibility & Control To All Spend

    Integrate with other spend management systems, giving you full spend visibility and streamlining your supplier network relationships.

  • Drive Adoption With Flexibility For Suppliers
  • Improve Supplier Relationships
  • Extend Visibility & Control To All Spend
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Simplify Supplier Collaboration — With No Network Fees

The Coupa Open Business Network provides you with the speed, transparency, and flexibility needed to succeed in today’s fast-moving, global business environment.

Many Options To Engage Suppliers

Give your supplier network the freedom of choice. Options like the Coupa Supplier Portal, PDF capture, paper invoice conversion, and cXML provide your largest and most strategic suppliers with flexibility.

Powerful Tools for Suppliers, Easy Enablement

From receiving POs and sending invoices, to managing catalogs, providing new certifications or remit-to information, the Coupa supplier network gets one easy experience for everything they need to do and a quick 2-minute registration.

Self-Service Status Inquiry for Suppliers

Provide suppliers with real-time visibility into the status of all transactions, and send alerts by email or SMS. The Coupa supplier network gets the information they need when they need it.

The Power of Coupa for 3rd-Party Systems

If you’re using a 3rd-party system for purchasing, generating POs automatically, or receiving invoices, you can still digitize those supplier interactions using Coupa’s Open Business Network. Simply set up imports for your POs or Invoices into Coupa and go from there.
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Coupa Open Business Network Product Tour
See how you can use the Open Business Network to easily connect with your suppliers and 3rd-party systems.
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