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At Coupa, we believe in working together to deliver greater results. That’s why we developed the Coupa Advantage program, which harnesses the collective buying power of our customer base to generate savings and facilitate corporate giving at the same time. With Coupa Advantage, we’ve seamlessly embedded corporate social responsibility into B2B commerce.

For participating non-profits, that means a percentage of Coupa Advantage savings is passed on to them. Coupa Advantage customers, suppliers, and people everywhere benefit from this unique ecosystem. In fact, we’ve already donated to over 100 organizations around the world—and we’re just getting started. At Coupa, we know there is great power in working together. We’re on a mission to make corporate social responsibility more impactful for everyone by making it a business priority.

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What is Coupa Cares?

Coupa Cares is Coupa’s social responsibility program that supports different causes around the world. From volunteer work to supporting organizations we are passionate about, Coupa aims to give back to its local communities. The Coupa Cares program is supported by Coupa Advantage.

What is Coupa Advantage?

The Coupa Advantage program, included with your Coupa subscription, helps our customers derive value through pre-negotiated discounts from trusted suppliers. Coupa Advantage helps you save on office supplies, promotional products, background checks, rental cars, lab supplies, MRO, staffing and more. The program leverages the collective buying power of hundreds of global Coupa customers to deliver substantial savings for all of our customers. In return for the increased business they receive through Coupa Advantage, suppliers set aside a portion of each Coupa Advantage sale for Coupa designated charities.

How do I know which purchases go to charity?

Every time you purchase an item that includes the Coupa Advantage logo, part of that sale goes to one of the many charitable organizations around the world that Coupa supports.

Which charitable organizations are eligible for donations?

To maximize our impact, Coupa focuses its efforts and donations on reliable, long-term partnerships with trusted organizations that are registered non-profits, NGOs or charities within their respective countries. Eligible US-based organizations must be registered as 501(c)(3). Coupa does not support organizations that discriminate on any basis.

Para obtener más detalles sobre cómo lograr estos resultados y conocer más sobre los beneficios que obtendrá su empresa, póngase en contacto con su ejecutivo de cuenta de Coupa.

How do I use Coupa Advantage?

Just look for the Coupa Advantage logo next to items as you shop for goods and services on the Coupa platform. If you would like to pursue a relationship with a supplier that doesn’t currently display our logo, please contact [email protected] for more information.

Which suppliers are part of the Coupa Advantage program?

Coupa Advantage includes a group of vetted suppliers who are willing to provide discounts to our customers and know how to work with Coupa efficiently, so you can start saving as soon aspossible. See the full list of Coupa Advantage suppliers and categories at

In return for the business we provide, these suppliers commit to setting aside a portion of their profits for donations to charitable organizations chosen by Coupa.

If there is a category, region or supplier you’d like to suggest for the program, please let us know and we’ll work with the supplier to determine if they are a good fit for the Coupa community.

How do I select a charitable organization to support?

Show your support for the organizations we work with by liking their logo on the Coupa Cares page. When you “like” a charity, we will be notified and ensure that we donate funds to the appropriate cause. If there is an additional charity you would like Coupa to support, please write it in and let us know. We are always happy to support the charities you are passionate about.

Can I receive a tax deduction for amounts donated from my purchases through Coupa Advantage?

Donations made through your purchases in the Coupa Advantage program are not eligible for tax deduction.