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We care about our customers, we care about our employees, but most importantly, we care about our world.

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Coupa Cares was launched in 2016 and serves as our platform to have a positive social impact in the world through volunteerism and philanthropy


Support employees to dedicate time and skills for social and environmental causes

  • Global Volunteer Day & Other Volunteer Events
  • Service Trip
  • Pro-bono Projects
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Invest in our local communities, encourage employee giving, and leverage our technology for good

  • Charitable & Product Donations
  • Employee Matching & Volunteer Rewards
  • Educational Scholarships
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Inspire employees and the Coupa Community to take action and amplify our collective impact in the world

  • Awareness & Education
  • Employee & Coupa Community Engagement
  • Strategic Partnerships
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Impact Since 2016

charitable organizations supported
of Coupa Villagers engaged


We organize and promote volunteer events supporting nonprofits in the communities in which we operate and live. As members of Pledge 1%, we are committed to employees giving back 1% of their time and skills to nonprofits and offer employees 16 hours of paid Volunteer-Time-Off annually.

Puerto Rico Service Trip

Global Volunteer Day & Other Volunteer Events
We organize an annual Global Volunteer Day and various local, global, and virtual volunteer opportunities throughout the year across our global offices.

Service Trip
We send a group of employees on a meaningful and impactful annual service trip that combines community service work and cultural exchange activities.

Pro-bono Projects
We work with select partners to offer our employees pro-bono projects where they can give their time and expertise to support nonprofits and start-ups.

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Coupa is committed to giving back for the greater good and having social impact through our philanthropic efforts, made possible through funding from our Coupa Advantage program. We foster a culture of giving and encourage our employees to support charities of their choice.

Charitable & Product Donations
We support various charitable efforts and look for opportunities to strengthen our giving in key impact areas, for example to advance diverse and sustainable supply chains.

Employee Matching & Volunteer Rewards
We encourage employees to give their time and money to causes they care about and help amplify their impact through our Employee Matching & Volunteer Rewards Program.

Educational Scholarships
We have an annual Scholarship and Mentorship Program, that promotes STEM education and supports college students from low income and often underrepresented minority backgrounds.


In 2020, Coupa Awarded $75K to 20 Students

From one of our 2020 Scholarship Winners: "It's scholarships such as yours that allow me to fulfill my dreams of becoming a college graduate.”

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Some of the Organizations We’ve Supported


We seek opportunities to inspire our Coupa Village and broader Coupa Community towards greater collective, global impact. Many of our Coupa Cares activities are executed through our employee volunteer board and led by the sustainability & CSR team and executive sponsors.

Awareness & Education
We organize events and provide resources to educate our employees and the broader Coupa Community about important sustainability topics and making a difference in the world.

Employee & Coupa Community Engagement
We organize fun, charitable activities through employee-led events, Inspire conferences, and other channels.

Strategic Partnerships
We seek to partner with select nonprofits and initiatives that can best help us grow our impact.


Powering Sustainable & Inclusive Communities

Impact Focus Areas:
We aim to amplify our impact in the world by focusing charitable efforts in impactful areas that align to our Corporate Sustainability and business objectives and contribute to key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainable & Diverse Supply Chains

Empower small, diverse businesses and entrepreneurs and promote sustainability in supply chains

Impact Sourcing

Promote sourcing of talent from those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and may have limited prospects for employment by supporting skill development and job opportunity initiatives


Inspire and support the next generation of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and supply chain talent.

Key UN Sustainable Development Goals Supported

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of global goals that serve as a blueprint - and a call to action - to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.