Unleashing the Impact of Women in Business

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Empower's mission is to break down barriers to women’s success by creating a community of individuals and organizations working together to unleash the impact of women in business.

* we mean the term ‘women’ to be inclusive of identities that are outside the gender binary.

3 Pillars of Empower


Focused on the individual, Discover provides development tools for career growth to build a gender balanced pool of leaders who can create and sustain a positive culture.

Through Discover, you join a community that utilizes participatory learning techniques and methods to deliver state of the art learning programs.

When you participate in Discover, you gain access to mentors, training courses, programs, blogs and resources addressing womens goals related to professional development and their perspectives on emerging topics.

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Focused on driving company initiatives, Connect partners with other organizations to expand beyond its existing internal network to develop bonds and impact change across our shared ecosystem of womens leadership.

Through Connect, you have access to a wide range of enterprise cultures and their individuals from diverse backgrounds anytime, anywhere, through our shared global platform.

When you participate in Connect, you spread awareness of our combined support of women with a global community of leaders.

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Focused on the community we live in and the world around us, Impact provides opportunities to work with socially responsible programs and organizations that benefit the global community.

Through Impact, we demonstrate how working together in a diverse and inclusive community inspires better outcomes than could otherwise be achieved.

When you participate in Impact, you will interact with others to bring about positive changes to the world we share, live and work.

Drive Greater Impact


Educational Opportunities
Deliver training opportunities to educate organizations and empower women in their careers.

Mentorship Programs
Provide unique perspectives by connecting women from different backgrounds and organizations.

Learning Resources
Curate high-quality programs related to women’s priorities as well as emerging topics.


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Women of Impact: A Seat at the Table

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A lot has been said about the importance of having a seat at the table. But many questions persist. How do we get there? What tools are available? Who can help me?

Coupa Empower celebrated International Women’s Day with three international public Board Directors who answered these questions by sharing stories, insights, and perspectives on their career and lifelong journey of impact.

No matter where you sit in your organization, you can earn a seat at the table. The journey forward is in your hands.

You’ll come away with:

  • Insights and approaches for building your success team
  • Actions for you to earn a seat at the table wherever you are in your career
  • Tools to build a lattice-based career which is fundamental in the digital era
  • Access to Empower’s global community of women of impact


Sheryl Chamberlain
Sheryl Chamberlain

Event Moderator
Coupa Director Alliances
Empower Board Chair

Sheryl is a global technology executive who has driven businesses to success, cultivated forward strategies, and aligned business goals. She's a leader who is able to revolutionize practices and change the paradigms of business. A key business asset in numerous major technology moves, strategies, and programs, she has built a reputation as an instrumental business partner and asset.

Homa Bahrami
Dr. Homa Bahrami

Senior Lecturer at
Haas School of Business,
UC Berkeley, California

Dr. Homa Bahrami has served on the Board of Directors of three public technology companies, Fabrinet, FEI and Formfactor. An international educator, advisor, board member and author, she is a professor at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, and specializes in enterprise adaptation, organizing in the digital age, and super-flexible leadership.

Leslie Campbell
Leslie Campbell

Corporate Board Director

Leslie Campbell has served as a member of Coupa’s board of directors since May 2016. She also serves on the boards of 1-800PetMeds, Grapevine Solutions, the growth advisory board of Diligent Boards and until 2020, served as Vice Chairman of the board of directors of Bideawee, Inc., one of the oldest humane organizations in the country. Leslie has extensive international experience in finance, operations, sales leadership, and supply chain from executive positions at KPMG, Oracle, Dell, and Reed Elsevier.

Nora Denzel
Nora Denzel

Corporate Board Director

Nora Denzel is a Board Director of AMD, Ericsson, and NortonLifeLock. Nora has served for over a decade on the board of AnitaB.org, a non-profit dedicated to increasing the number of women in computing. Prior to retiring in 2012, Nora held senior technical and key executive roles at Intuit, HPE and IBM.



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Build an inclusive culture that provides the strategic framework that organizations strive for through global and local community programs.

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Community Outreach
Participate in community outreach efforts, social change events and women-centered initiatives.

Influence Change
Interact with others to bring about positive changes and impact women’s lives in their communities.

Share Experiences
Enhance deeper knowledge of yourself and those around you to strengthen your connection with others.


Meet the Team


Sheryl is an Alliance Director at Coupa. She is also Chair of Empower, a grassroots initiative committed to propelling Coupa’s vision of influencing and impacting women's leadership internationally.

As a global technology executive, she drives businesses to success, cultivates forward-thinking strategies, and aligns business goals. She's a leader who challenges and changes the existing paradigms. Based on her key role in numerous major technology moves, strategies, and programs, she is recognized as an instrumental business partner and asset.

Beyond her executive influences and impactful strategies, Sheryl is an advocate for social impact and change. She has contributed her insight and experience through numerous board seats and memberships to Forbes Nonprofit Council, Watermark, Alliance of Chief Executives, National Diversity Council, Association for Corporate Growth Silicon Valley and Alleria Resource Council. Additionally, Sheryl has earned numerous industry awards and recognition including Tribute to Women, (TWIN), Women in Technology from Dallas Business Journal, and Global Innovation Partner of the Year from EMC.

Milissa White
Melissa White

Discover Pillar Lead

Krystal Hunt
Krystal Hunt

Connect Pillar Lead

Jennifer Harris
Jennifer Harris

Impact Pillar Lead

Liz Oseguera

Marketing Team Lead