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Bluvault Intacct


Bluvault is a management consulting and technology company that provides strategic advisory, analytics, and implementation services to global companies enabling value in the Source-to-Pay process. Bluvault is a Coupa certified implementation partner that delivers value-as-a-service to clients through innovative and proprietary solutions focused on user adoption, supplier enablement, integrations, and post Go Live support. Unlock real value with Bluvault.


The Bluvault Connector provides a Coupa certified Integration with client’s Intacct ERP to accelerate implementations and provide care-free ongoing maintenance and support. Information is synchronized via API between Coupa and Intacct for Users, Suppliers, Exchange Rates, Payment Status, and Approved Invoices & Expense Reports. Advanced capabilities such as client filtering of records and custom field mapping provide limitless client flexibility. As clients upgrade to new Coupa releases, Bluvault updates all integrations so you can focus on running your business.

"[Coupalink] helped us focus by saying these are the things we have seen on over 600 clients, the challenging areas, so when you’re thinking about building an integration here are the areas you need to cover."

— Mark Robertson, CEO, BluVault

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