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Coupa Redefines Spend Analytics Market with the Announcement of the New Spend Optimizer Offering

New Advanced Spend Analytics offering gives organizations immediate access to spend intelligence for rapid spend management improvement

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Coupa Software, the leading provider of Cloud Spend Management, today announced Coupa Spend Optimizer, an advanced spend analytics solution that helps users make better spend management decisions. Through Coupa Spend Optimizer, customers have unprecedented access to robust spend management business intelligence without the headache of expensive and difficult deployments common in the spend analytics industry. The reporting platform provides intuitive graphical dashboards and charts making it easy for customers to analyze complex data and improve their spend management.

Coupa Spend Optimizer rounds out the suite of reporting tools available in Coupa’s Cloud Spend Management solution. Coupa’s current reporting capabilities include transaction reporting, executive dashboards, and peer benchmark reporting.

Coupa Spend Optimizer dashboard reports and alerts provide insight into contract management, percent of spend under management, workflow efficiency analysis, and cash management analysis to name a few.

Improved Access: With Coupa Spend Optimizer, Coupa brings ease-of-use to the world of spend intelligence by making business-critical information accessible to everyone who needs it, from procurement and finance professionals as well as line of business managers.

Coupa Spend Optimizer also provides access to information from other parts of the organization such as multiple ERP or HR systems. By aggregating and normalizing this information with Coupa spend data, customers have unparalleled visibility of spend across their entire organization.

Easily Accessible: Traditionally advanced spend intelligence reporting has been the domain of only advanced users and IT organizations who hold the keys to the company’s data. Weeks and months can pass until the business users receive the reports they require. With Coupa Spend Optimizer, customers have this information at their fingertips through intuitive graphical dashboards and reports that are self-generated. They no longer have to wait for quarterly or monthly reports from legacy systems, or need to pull together dozens of dated spreadsheet files.

Better Accuracy: Business can trust the accuracy of Coupa Spend Optimizer reporting because it is built on the foundation of the Coupa’s native eProcurement data model. Coupa automatically normalizes data upon entry and reduces errors of miscategorized spend. Additionally data is also normalized and cleansed upon import from external ERP and HR systems before entering the Coupa Spend Optimizer.

Actionable Value: Coupa Spend Optimizer provides timely, spend-relevant information that helps users deliver a measurable impact on reducing organizational spend. Unlike common ERP systems, Coupa Spend Optimizer goes beyond generic financial reporting to alert users and suggest actions that would help the company reduce spend. Of course, there is also the ability to drill deep into underlying information with the click of the mouse.

“We’re enthusiastic about Coupa Spend Analytics,” said Darrel Kalbfleisch, Director at the Archdiocese of St. Louis. “Being the largest Archdiocese in Missouri, our spending is spread over thousands of users in hundreds of different organizations. Coupa Spend Analytics provides us sophisticated, business-level reporting beyond transactional information. It’s this business intelligence that helps us make key decisions that drive more efficiency and cost reduction across our many constituencies.”

“We’re excited to redefine the spend analytics market with this new innovative offering. Until now, advanced spend intelligence required a great deal of lengthy manual intervention to aggregate and often did not easily get into the hands of the people that needed it most. Coupa Spend Optimizer ensures that everyone from procurement, to finance, to line of business users can have the real-time spend insights they need to improve their spend practices and drive bottom line value,” said Rob Bernshteyn, CEO, Coupa.

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Coupa is the leading on-demand provider of solutions that control and streamline purchasing and expense management for organizations large and small. Coupa Cloud Spend Management delivers an easy to use, fast to deploy and affordable solution for requisitions, expense reporting, approval management, purchase orders, RFQs, contract compliance, inventory and invoicing, with no hardware to buy or software to license. With deep domain knowledge in e-procurement, a best-in-class cloud platform, and a fast-growing community of customers doing business with over 100,000 suppliers, Coupa enables smarter spending practices that empower companies to save money quickly. For more information please visit, or call 650.931.3200.


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