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Coupa Software Delivers Next Generation of the World's Leading Open Source e-Procurement Project

Foster City, Calif. - August 28, 2007 - Coupa, the leading provider of commercial open source e-procurement software for small and mid-size companies, today announced the release of Coupa e-Procurement Express v1.5, the latest version of the industry’s first freely downloadable e-procurement solution. Since its introduction five months ago, Coupa e-Procurement Express has topped more than 7,500 downloads. Coupa has built on this momentum by continuing to offer new best-in-class features that enable small and mid-size businesses to streamline processes, improve control, and save money. The new Coupa e-Procurement Express version may be downloaded from or

Coupa e-Procurement Express is the premier commercial open source project for e-procurement. Designed for departments or an entire company, Coupa e-Procurement Express is a simple, quick, and free solution that automates the requisition, approval, purchase order, and receipt management process. The newest release offers additional features to streamline the e-procurement process, plus it’s now even easier to use, faster to deploy, and more flexible.

“For decades, the benefits of e-procurement solutions have been reserved for big corporations with deep pockets and virtually unlimited resources. Now those days are over,” said Coupa founder and CEO Dave Stephens. “We’re committed to leveraging open source to level the playing field for thousands of small and mid-sized companies, and giving these companies the same competitive advantage as the big guys. Already, over 7,500 organizations have downloaded Coupa e-Procurement Express for free, and we’re just getting started.”

About Coupa e-Procurement Express v1.5
Coupa e-Procurement Express v1.5 combines advanced capabilities for control of departmental and employee purchasing with true simplicity - simple to acquire, simple to install and maintain, as well as simple enough to use that employees actually prefer it for their business purchasing needs. Coupa continues to improve the product with new functionality that includes:

  • Streamlined purchasing process: Coupa Express v1.5 accelerates the purchasing cycle with new features including support for need-by dates, purchase order changes, formal revisions, and acknowledgement, as well as improved buyer management of requisitions that require action, and updated Quick Order Entry for non-catalog or one-time item or services requests. Additionally, Coupa Express also now supports PunchOut, cXML, and P-cards.
  • Improved ease-of-use: The new version includes easier-to-use screens for managing purchase orders and requisitions for buyers, as well as additional options to navigation among purchase orders, requisitions, and receipts.
  • Improved flexibility: Since many small and mid-size companies have sophisticated requirements, v1.5 includes new features such as multi-currency support. Buyers can also insert comments on a purchase order, or add multiple files including URL attachments. Finally, the new Coupa Express lets users create PDF purchase order layouts with customizable boilerplate terms.
  • Simplified deployment and maintenance: Companies can now upload CSV catalogs and create a set of default how-to-buy policies.

About Coupa Software
Coupa is the leading provider of commercial open source e-procurement solutions. Coupa e-Procurement delivers big business procurement automation and spending controls to small and mid-size organizations, enabling companies to streamline processes, improve productivity, and save money. As the e-procurement solution of choice among small and mid-size companies, Coupa e-Procurement has been downloaded by more than 7,500 organizations, and is also available as an on-demand service.

For more information please visit or call 650.585.6306.

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