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Bahwan CyberTek + COUPA

Company Name: Bahwan CyberTek

Coupa Partner Since: 2020

Countries Supported: APAC (Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines, India, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand), MEA (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, South Africa), United States of America, Canada

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Company Overview

Bahwan CyberTek delivers digital transformation through IP-led products, cognitive market leading solutions, growth accelerators, and innovative outcome-based business models. Bahwan CyberTek with its 3000+ associates have helped over 1000 customers since the year 1999 to deliver value based digital transformation services.

The award-winning Supply Chain Practice at Bahwan CyberTek provides end-to-end services to help clients with the right steps towards their procurement digitalization, these services include but are not limited to: Digitalization Roadmap and Value Engineering, Implementation Services, Consulting, Process Design, Adoption Management, Integration, Support & Success, etc.

The supply chain practice at BCT has successfully digitally transformed procurement functions at 15+ customers globally, and we take pride in having 100% of our customers delighted and referenceable. Being a global digital transformation organization BCT has capabilities to undertake end-to-end procurement transformation beyond just the core Coupa product implementation. That is middleware integrations to connect with your existing systems as well as modifications on the ERP side (SAP, Oracle etc.) for an end-to-end seamless integration.

We believe in a customer centric outcome-based approach to our services. If you would like to know more or speak to any of our customers, please connect with us at: [email protected]