KPMG and Coupa: Better Together

Every industry, every function, every stakeholder wins


Company Name: KPMG LLP

Coupa Partner Since: 2012

Countries Supported: Global

Company Website/Preferred Link:

Coupa PowerApps Supported:
Lead: Sourcing, Analytics, Supplier Information Management (SIM), Artificial Intelligence Classification (AIC)
Support: Contract Collaboration, Inventory, Coupa Sourcing Optimization (CSO), Coupa Supply Chain Design and Planning

Company Overview

KPMG helps clients transform their P2P processes to add strategic value, increase process efficiencies, reduce costs and improve free cash flow. Together with Coupa, we enable organizations to realize the benefits of a user-friendly procurement application that encourages adoption, increases management oversight and enables greater visibility into corporate spending.

KPMG Powered Procurement enabled by Coupa is an outcome-driven solution that focuses on the future agility of your business by delivering:

  • Streamlined procure-to-pay processes
  • Structured program management
  • Robust supplier enablement and risk management
  • An employee-centric design that can increase user adoption
  • Increased certainty of outcomes and reduced risk.

The joint solution reaches beyond efficiency gains from traditional procurement-related tasks by using automation, predictive analytics, and cognitive learning to extend the role of procurement.


Powered Procurement from KPMG, Enabled by Coupa

The long-standing relationship between KPMG and Coupa offers valuable insights for a seamless transition from legacy approaches to future-proof procurement operations and technology.

David McGonigle, Director, Financial Services Powered Procurement at KPMG in the UK and Donna Wilczek, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy and Innovation at Coupa together discuss the ten key principles for success.


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