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Company Name: Miebach Consulting

Coupa Partner Since: 2013

Countries Supported: Global

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Company Overview

Miebach Consulting is a leading global supply chain advisory and engineering firm. We support organizations on the design, development, and delivery both across and within their supply chains. Our four business units: digital enablement, supply chain transformation, engineering, and operational excellence contain focused Subject Matter Experts which deliver value through supporting step chain improvements across a variety of industries.

As Coupa’s larger partner in the Supply Chain Design & Planning field, Miebach has become an industry recognized name across use cases in the sourcing, production, distribution, transportation, planning, and inventory areas. Not only do we deploy the product in our engagements, but we also support clients in the standing up, design, and continuous improvement of their Centers of Excellence. Additionally, we see an increasing use of our expertise to provide bandwidth support, staff augmentation, and managed services leveraging the Coupa platform.

As the first partner to deliver custom applications in the platform, we can add value to any client, no matter the level of maturity in the platform.