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Company Name: The Shelby group

Coupa Partner Since: 2010

Countries Supported: Global

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Apps on the Coupa App Marketplace: Digital Invoice

Company Overview

The Shelby Group, now part of Accenture, is a global leader in procurement platform implementation and optimization. With hundreds of successful procurement transformation initiatives for companies across all sectors and stages of growth, we have the experience and expertise to accelerate your time to Business Spend Management success.

A Coupa Partner since 2010, Shelby has 150+ Coupa Certified Consultants and deep expertise in Platform Implementation, Program Optimization, and Procurement Operations Support. Our Digital Solutions, designed expressly for Coupa, help you speed deployment, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

Platform Implementation: Low utilization of features and misalignment with business processes can negatively impact your ROI. Our implementation services include Policy & Process Analysis, Platform Configuration, IT Integration & Supplier Enablement, Workflow Controls, Catalog Enablement, Operational Planning, Execution and Help Desk.

Program Optimization: Your company, processes and business goals are unique. Shelby can help you build a program optimization roadmap to accomplish your objectives. Our expertise includes Spend Analytics, Sourcing Optimization, Contracts Management, Procurement Process Automation, Invoice & Payment, and Supplier Management.

Procurement Operations Support: Are your resources stretched too thin to achieve your business goals? Partner with Shelby for fully managed outsource support for Procurement Help Desk, Supplier Enablement, Integration Management, Sourcing Services, Training, and Release Management.

Digital Solutions: Shelby’s CTX (Connect to Anything) solutions facilitate near real-time communications and integration between Coupa and any target system. The CTX portfolio includes Pre-Built ERP Connectors and solutions for Tax Engine Integration, Vendor Onboarding, Purchasing, Invoicing and Data Conversion. Shelby’s Digital Invoice enables smarter paper/pdf invoice processing all within the Coupa platform to reduce internal operating costs, speed processing times, improve compliance, and optimize spend management.