Coupa Integration Easily Connect Coupa to Your Existing IT Landscape


Integrate Coupa With Ease

Coupa’s light touch integration approach ensures only the most critical business processes require integration and makes integrating with SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, and any other ERP a breeze.
  • Rapid Deployment

    Coupa’s open architecture, accelerators, and straightforward approach to integrations enables deployments to go live within 6 to 9 months on average.

  • Low IT Overhead

    Coupa’s light touch integration methodology ensures that your IT teams won’t be bogged down with endless integration projects.

  • Simple Maintenance

    Because of Coupa’s open and straightforward integration approach, the total cost of maintaining integrations is a fraction of more complex systems.

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Low IT Overhead
  • Simple Maintenance
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Integrate Only What You Need

Coupa’s business process-driven methodology ensures you only integrate what you really need for your business to run well. Unlike other systems that require heavy lift integrations between every possible data stream and your ERP, Coupa only requires access to the most critical data.

Expedite ERP Integrations

Coupa has partnered with middleware providers such as WebMethods, SnapLogic and Mandant to deliver accelerators that reduce the upfront configuration work involved in any ERP integration project.

Build With an Open Platform

Coupa’s open platform uses simple flat files, APIs and microservices to enable quick integration with external systems and applications. With hundreds of well-documented APIs, integrating Coupa to your IT landscape is always straightforward and fast.