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The Coupa collective has some serious buying power—over 500 customers worldwide spending hundreds of billions of dollars. By working together, we’re able to grow your business and increase your visibility, all while providing the greatest value to our mutual customers. Plus, with compliance built into the Coupa solution and P2P processes, Coupa customers can count on you as a premier, trusted supplier, helping promote customer loyalty.

Best of all, as a Coupa Advantage supplier partner, you’ll be contributing to the greater good. Coupa Advantage donates profits generated through our program to funding charitable causes around the world. You can rest easy knowing you’re doing your organization a world of good, while doing good in the world.

Turn Up the Volume

Tap into the Power of We and crank up the volume

What Does This Mean For You?

With Coupa Advantage, you don't just have a vendor relationship—you have a sales partner. Coupa P2P solutions and services will drive more end-users to you in a way that’s intuitive, not pushy. Plus, by helping customers streamline their vendors, Coupa Advantage helps suppliers gain a more exclusive relationship. That all adds up to maximizing volume—even with existing customers.

Reach More Customers

Over 500 Premier Customers Worldwide

What Does This Mean For You?

As a Coupa Advantage supplier partner, you are joining our Coupa community of hundreds of worldwide customers. That means when the millions of Coupa end-users around the world turn to Coupa Advantage to find strategic savings on everyday business purchases, they are turning to you as a trusted supplier.

The Compliance Connection

Suppliers and customers alike love Coupa’s built-in compliance

What Does This Mean For You?

Suppliers love Coupa tools because their built-in compliance leads to faster transactions, better visibility, and stronger relationships. And with compliance built into the process, customers can commit to you with total peace of mind. When you join the Coupa Advantage program, you improve customer relations on every level.

"Mimeo is glad to be a part of the Coupa Advantage program," says Steven Brown, Senior Vice President, Mimeo. "Through this relationship we are excited to see a greater level of adoption and compliance across our joint customer base, and are thrilled to know that our involvement in the program directly impacts so many important causes through giving back to the community."

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