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Coupa Risk Assess

Mitigate Third-Party Risk
Reduce Compliance Costs

Coupa Risk Assess

Mitigate Third-Party Risk
Reduce Compliance Costs

Assess and Mitigate 3rd-Party Risk Across Multiple Risk Domains

Ditch the spreadsheets and start using data-driven workflows to assess your supply base on critical third party risk domains from InfoSec to ABAC and more, improving efficiency while protecting your brand and bottom line.

Assess Supplier Relationships

Understanding what each supplier is doing and why, intelligently identifying and making an assessment of risk exposure.

Minimize Supply Risk throughout the Supply Chain

Develop a multi-level third party risk assessment model that includes each supplier and their relevant suppliers.

Manage Risk

Communicate risk to decision makers and maintain regulatory compliance while reducing compliance costs.

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Understand Supplier Relationships and Risks

Gather internal information on exactly what the supplier is doing, why, and what resources they will have access to.

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Get the Right Data from Suppliers

Based on what the supplier is doing and the risks identified, use domain-specific templates (InfoSec, GDPR, ABAC, etc.) to gather the right information for risk mitigation and compliance.


Manage Multiple Risk Domains

Get the right information, model risk, and ensure third party compliance across InfoSec, Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption (ABAC), GDPR, and many other domains—even as new domains emerge.

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Develop Multi-Tier Risk Models

Extend data gathering and risk modeling to include suppliers' suppliers as needed to ensure third party compliance and 3rd party risk management.

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Proactively Mitigate Risk

Take action to de-risk the supply base, transitioning spend away from high risk suppliers as needed and managing corrective action plans where appropriate.

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Off-Board Suppliers

Ensure compliance with contractual terms for off-boarding—such return of sensitive data—while streamlining termination and transition and maintaining auditable records of compliance.

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