Coupa Supplier & Third-Party Risk Management Maximize Your Relationships and Protect Your Business

Mitigate Third-Party Risk and Build Stronger Supplier Relationships

Get more from your business partners. Mitigate third-party risk, accelerate supplier onboarding, and continuously monitor partner health with AI-powered insights.
  • Get Started Faster

    Provide suppliers with a simple onboarding experience and perform deep risk assessments. Automatically follow up on missing information to streamline backoffice performance.

  • Protect Your Business

    Combine multi-domain/tier-risk assessments, performance, and community insights to spot threats. Respond quickly by halting transactions as needed.

  • Maximize Value

    Give decision-makers across the company insight at the point of decision to buy from the right suppliers and optimize processes.

  • Get Started Faster
  • Protect Your Business
  • Maximize Value
Forrester Webinar: How to Select Suppliers to Minimize Supply Chain Risk

Enhance Your Supplier and Third-Party Risk Management

Explore how our products can enhance, extend, and empower your supplier and third-party risk management efforts.

Give Suppliers More Choice, Not Fees

From automated email and paper invoice capture, to a comprehensive portal and cXML for your most strategic suppliers, there’s an option for everyone with Coupa Supplier Management.
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Stop Chasing Supplier Information

Get the information you need by surfacing requests for supplier information when issuing new POs or when suppliers submit invoices.
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Assess Third-Parties Across Multiple Risk Domains

Digitize company-wide 3rd- and 4th-party risk mitigation across domains including InfoSec, ABAC, Cloud Security, Data Privacy, and more. Drive compliance with regulators including the OCC and EBA.
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Continuously Monitor Risk & Performance

Use AI to continuously monitor outside data sources, cross-community behavior, and user-submitted performance feedback for issues.
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Achieve Diversity & Inclusion Goals

Achieve D&I goals by identifying minority-, woman-, veteran-, LGBTQ-owned and other suppliers to promote supplier participation reflective of the the diversity of your company's customers, employees, and local communities served.
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Quickly Find the Best Suppliers

Quickly find high-rated suppliers in common categories using insights from supplier behavior and ratings from across the 7M+ suppliers engaging with the Coupa community.
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Gain Complete Supplier Visibility

See supplier information, POs, invoice data, and everything else you need to know all in a single place.

Simplify Supplier Collaboration

Coupa's OBN connects customers and suppliers without any setup or transaction fees, providing your business with a model that is accessible to all suppliers. Stay compliant with government mandates, increase profitability, and reduce costs.
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The Power of Suite Synergy

Unlock more value from your suppliers and third-parties with Coupa's suite of seamlessly integrated BSM applications.

Supplier Management + Sourcing

Increasing sourcing confidence by channeling your team to use the suppliers you've invested in, while preventing awards to high-risk suppliers.
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Supplier Management + Contract Management

Push critical terms such as risk mitigation plans and ESG supply chain requirements into contract, while avoiding contracts with high-risk suppliers.
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Supplier Management + Procurement

Give decision-makers the latest supplier information and prioritize specific supplier categories directly within purchasing to improve outcomes.
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Insurance Group Case Study
With Coupa, an insurance group added TPRM in two months while improving ongoing risk monitoring and supporting their Corporate Social Responsibility goals.
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