Forecast Collaboration Get supply and demand in sync to supercharge margins


Why businesses choose Coupa for Forecast Collaboration

Build strategic relationships with your most vital suppliers through real-time visibility and collaboration on long-term forecasts.
  • Gain assurance on mission-critical supplies

    Make worries about product delays and disappointing your customers a thing of the past. Get timely alerts and quickly resolve critical material bottlenecks.

  • Ditch spreadsheets and email

    Gain complete visibility into your multi-tier supply chains. Share demand changes, receive forecasts, and resolve issues with your suppliers from one platform.

  • Lower inventory costs

    With accurate forecasts from your suppliers, you’re empowered to align order quantities with actual demand — reducing the need for excess inventory.

  • Gain assurance on mission-critical supplies
  • Ditch spreadsheets and email
  • Lower inventory costs
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Explore Forecast Collaboration features

Get ahead of supply chain disruptions

Coupa applies AI to the world’s largest customer-contributed enterprise data set of $5T+ transactions to help optimize your operations. Secure the best price by benchmarking the most frequently purchased items, reduce risk with supplier performance ratings, and flag suspicious activities automatically.

Operate faster and smarter

Automate manual spreadsheet reconciliation processes to boost sales and operations planning (S&OP) performance. Automatically flag differences between the forecasted demand and available supply and work with your suppliers to increase production capacity, explore alternative sourcing, or use excess inventory.

Reduce technology costs

Ditch costly and time-consuming electronic data interchange (EDI) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrations to share data with your suppliers. Switch to a modern forecast collaboration tool with real-time data sharing and message center capacity — without the hassle of complex IT integrations.