PO Collaboration Gain complete control over your planned purchase orders

PO Collaboration

Why businesses choose Coupa for PO Collaboration

Minimize disruptions, delays, and lost revenue by maximizing visibility and control over your direct and complex procurement with a real-time communication tool.
  • Make complex procurement simple

    Managing thousands of orders concurrently? No problem. Automatically identify supply chain disruptions and swiftly take action from one platform.

  • Protect your brand and profitability

    Minimize late deliveries of critical production materials. Work with suppliers to confirm quantities, prices, and promise dates at the line-item level.

  • Gain indirect and direct spend control

    Whether POs are user-generated or machine-generated from your maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) or ERP systems — see them all in one place.

  • Make complex procurement simple
  • Protect your brand and profitability
  • Gain indirect and direct spend control
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Explore PO Collaboration features

Flag POs that need your attention

See every order and its status in real time. POs that require immediate action are brought to the top of your workspace — with your suppliers receiving the same notification in their workspace too. Once the PO is opened, a dynamic summary details when the confirmation is due and which line orders need attention.

Collaborate faster with suppliers

Supply chains change rapidly, so suppliers can't always meet PO requirements. Stay ahead of disruptions by enabling your suppliers to comment on changes to quantities, material type, prices, or stagger deliveries at the line-item level. Accept or reject changes and provide additional context by replying to comments.

Build stronger supplier relationships

Just like you, suppliers get a complete overview of orders and status, giving both parties a single source of truth to work from. Plus, no complicated integration, lengthy training, or additional fees are required from your suppliers since there’s no need to maintain costly EDI VAN-based communication.