Professional Services

Each Coupa partnership starts with defining success for our customer. Account executives work with prospective customers to define what success will look like before contracts are signed and account managers ensure these goals are maintained throughout the implementation process and beyond. This focus on success from day one may seem like extra work to some, but it lays critical groundwork for the customer relationship for years to come.

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The benefits of Coupa’s unified spend management platform are endless. Learn more about how this fundamental strategy is impacting every part of our customers’ spend

Professional Services Overview

Coupa Professional Services help you define your Success Metrics with Coupa and work throughout your implementation to get you live with Coupa, as fast as possible, while meeting or exceeding your goals.

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Coupa offers a multitude of training options, including web and live training. All Coupa admins get access to our main training site, where they can learn at their own pace. We also offer certifications for our customers and partners.

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Adoption & Success

Coupa’s Customer Success team works with you after go live to ensure that you meet your Success Metrics and find new ways to optimize your savings moving forward.

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Coupa’s global support team, active around the clock, works to identify and resolve customer issues as they come up.

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Coupa One Vision

Coupa strives to achieve a shared vision for the future with our customers. A variety of programs provide close collaboration among customers, and between customers and the Coupa product team.

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