Coupa Innovates Business Spend Management with

Release 20

R20 utilizes Artificial Intelligence to reduce global supply chain risk and
provides new capabilities to control spending for business services.

With R20, customers get additional visibility and control over the entire supplier relationship, from finding the best new suppliers using the power of Community Intelligence, to better managing services spend with Services Maestro, to cashing in on early-payment discount agreements. R20 helps customers make better decisions, manage risk more effectively, and save more than ever before.

Increase Visibility and Control Over Services Spend

Much of the spend that customers manage with Coupa is third-party services. Services Maestro lets them improve visibility and avoid fraud by requisitioning and receiving directly against hours or deliverables-based supplier agreements in Coupa. Customers can

  • Requisition services and assign an internal point of contact.
  • Let suppliers easily enter timesheets and deliverable completion with no login required.
  • Review, approve, and monitor supplier progress against deliverables or billed-time expectations.

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Find the Best Suppliers Using Community Intelligence

Prescriptive intelligence with Supplier Insights lets customers find the best supplier prior to making a purchase—whether a current supplier or a new supplier from the Coupa community.

  • Explore Global Suppliers—supplier managers can explore new suppliers from the community and select from the pool of vetted, community-rated suppliers.
  • Find Supplier for an Item—buyers can find a supplier for free-form purchase requests in unsourced categories, reducing time and uncertainty when filling unmet needs.
  • Invite Suppliers to Sourcing Events—sourcing managers can find new suppliers for items being sourced with a sourcing event, expanding beyond known suppliers to achieve better results with Community suggestions.

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Supplier Insights

Streamline Global Operations with Improved Compliance Support

Coupa lets multinational companies support business processes and regulatory requirements that vary across countries, in a single cloud platform. Customers can manage their expenses and collect e-Invoices from suppliers in compliance with business practices and indirect tax (GST/VAT) regulations common outside the United States.

  • Pre-Approvals—managers can get visibility and control over expensed spend by pre-approving trip requests with cost estimates, and monitor actual expense spend against approved trip budgets.
  • Mexico e-Invoicing Compliance—customers can support Mexican Government requirements to confirm electronic supplier invoices cleared with the Mexican tax authorities.
  • AP Efficiency in Mexico—customers can automatically gather the PO information needed for AP automation through compliant invoice addenda in accordance with Mexican regulations.

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Compliance and Tax

Accelerate Supplier Contracting

Using Coupa’s simple workflow, companies can gather required information and prioritize contracting work before it starts. Contracting teams can establish clear priorities, avoid chasing down missing information, and monitor dashboards on the efficiency of their processes with Coupa Contract Collaboration.

  • Prioritize and Approve Contracting Workload—contract managers can run agile with a request process that gathers the information and approvals needed to initiate the contracting process with suppliers.
  • Contract Management Dashboard—teams can understand timelines and spot any bottlenecks in the contracting process so that they can improve their processes.

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Accelerated Contracting

Realize More Early-Payment Discounts

Customers can move past the waste of negotiating early-payment discount terms that are never realized. Coupa Accelerate delivers real impact to the bottom line by making it easy for suppliers to accept discounts in exchange for early payments.

  • Manage Supplier Preferences—suppliers get the option to accept early discounts for all transactions so that they don’t have to accept on a transaction basis.
  • Realize Discount Offers and Save—prioritize your AP team’s workload towards suppliers who’ve accepted early-pay offers.

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