Spend Management Enhancements:

Release 19

Take a look at the latest enhancements Coupa
delivers across Spend Management with Release 19

Risk Aware

Continuously monitor supplier risk so that you can optimize your spend to avoid incidents and disruptions.

  • Automatically assign your suppliers a health grade score based on current news, credit rating, and legal issues.
  • Get insights into issues with a supplier arising across the Coupa community, such as frequent disputes.
  • Ensure end users are informed of supplier health before they make requests, channeling spend towards healthy suppliers.

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Coupa Open Buy with Amazon Business

Coupa Open Buy with Amazon Business offers a seamless purchasing experience within your company’s Coupa procurement system. Now you can enjoy the power of Amazon Business in a seamless experience that complies with your company’s procurement guidelines.

  • Rather than returning “item not found” and leaving users to find the item outside of your process, return Amazon Business results to the user’s shopping cart.
  • Send Amazon Business results through standard approval processes, extending compliance and improving budget control.
  • Available only in the U.S. at this time.

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Coupa Sourcing Optimization

Get the flexibility to source goods and services in all sectors and the analytical power to bring clarity to complex high-value sourcing events involving many elements, numerous suppliers and multiple rounds of negotiation.

  • Use advanced optimization techniques to analyze price and non-price elements, finding the ideal combination of suppliers' and goods and services.
  • Analyze complex supplier bid structures, such as package bids and volume discounting, to identify the optimal solution to each project.
  • Manage category-specific requirements, such as shipping lanes in logistics, with ease.

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Prescriptive T&E Benchmarks and Recommendations

Gain visibility into how T&E programs are performing by tracking key T&E KPIs directly in Coupa using Perfect Fit Insights, comparing your performance with benchmarks informed by the intelligence of the Coupa community, and viewing recommendations for improvements in the following areas such as:

  • Corporate Card Adoption - the percentage of approved expenses charged to a corporate card (versus out-of-pocket)--important to maximizing rebates and data capture.
  • Expense Audit Rate - the percentage of approved expense reports that required accounting review.
  • Expense Compliance Rate - the percentage of expense reports not containing policy violations.
Prescriptive T&E Benchmarks and Recommendation

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