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Driving Cost Savings and Agility with E-Auctions: Lessons from Maersk

Tuesday, 30th March 2021 | 10am GMT | 11am CET

Sourcing rates from suppliers is a core part of what procurement is doing and often competition can help to ensure that procurement achieves the best possible market price. The easiest way to enable multiple suppliers to negotiate for your business digitally is by using e-auctions.

Join this Supply Management Insider webinar, produced in partnership with Coupa, to hear from Jacob Gorm Larsen, author of ‘A Practical Guide to E-Auctions for Procurement’, on how Sourcing and Procurement teams at Maersk – a global leader in transportation and logistics – have been able to deliver double-digit savings over more than years using digital sourcing and procurement, including e-Auctions.


On-Demand Webinars

How to Adapt Third-Party Risk Management for Times of Disruption

Watch this expert panel, hosted by IT GRC Forum, cover current, crisis-related trends and the breakdown of how organizations can adapt their third-party risk management program to improve business resilience, including these key topics highlighting the importance of:

  • Embedding a third-party risk management solution into your business spend management program by involving all constituents across the organization
  • Managing exposure to "nth" vendors through a hierarchical approach by leveraging the use of technology
  • Driving value or ROI from these efforts by looking at the paradigm and convergence of risk and spend management


Harvard Business Review: Global Supply Chains in a Post-Pandemic World

Hear the recent Harvard Business Review webinar featuring Willy Shih, Professor at Harvard Business School as he discussed what critical areas to focus on while preparing global supply chains for the future, including:

  • Using this crisis to understand vulnerabilities and reassess supply networks
  • Diversifying your supply base to decrease risk
  • Continuing to embrace globalization during this time of economic nationalism
  • Taking advantage of process innovations


How to Effectively Manage 2021's Top Financial Issues

In this on-demand webinar, Coupa's Chief Accounting Officer Tony Tiscornia shares his top 5 strategies to effectively manage some of the most significant points of concern for financial leaders today as he looks to tomorrow. From compliance and risk to working capital and AI-powered community intelligence, leaders need the right tools to manage the unknown.


The Journey to Smarter Business Spend Management

Organisations have had to "react and respond" by immediately pivoting and adapting to fast-changing government advice and regulations, as well as navigating to a “new normal” of greater supplier risk management and more agile investment decision-making. One of the most remarkable aspects of the Covid crisis is seeing how communities have come together to face the situation. Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Ulrik Lolk of Salling Group and John Callan of Coupa as they address:

In this webinar you will hear:

  • How business spend management (BSM) has been impacted and evolved during the pandemic
  • How to know what projects to prioritise in times of uncertainty
  • Salling Group’s journey to Business Spend Management from selection and implementation to results


Stories from the Frontline of Business Spend

Watch this on-demand webinar with Michael Van Keulen, Coupa's CPO, as he led a panel of executives reflecting on lessons learned from this past year. Hear from procurement and finance professionals from Barclays, Staples and Zendesk as they discussed why:

  • Well-developed systems and processes helped them gain visibility as a trusted strategic source within their organization
  • Supplier diversity is important in de-risking a supply chain
  • A contingent workforce program should be top-of-mind for 2021


Community Insights: Solving for SOW

Expanding your Contingent Workforce Management program to include SOW/Services Procurement spend can be quite the undertaking. For many organizations it includes obtaining buy-in from leadership, stakeholders and the business themselves. Externally it requires agreement from suppliers, the strategic relationships which are often critical to meeting business and organizational objectives.

Additionally, it requires understanding your categorization and composition of your SOW/Services Procurement spend and the processes and practices you want to continue to mirror and those processes and practices you want to optimize and evolve

This webinar features three contingent workforce experts - Maria DeJong, Senior Director of Coupa Contingent Workforce, Stephanie Tulgren, Vice President of IT Vendor Partnerships at US Bank, and Michelle Gates, Global Contingent Workforce Leader at Uber. In this insightful webinar, you will hear:

  • How organizations were able to acquire internal and external buy-in to include SOW/Services spend in their Contingent Worker Program?
  • How did you decide what business groups, categories, locations to include in your current SOW/Services Procurement program?
  • How organizations decide the best way to move forward in including your SOW/Services Procurement spend in a VMS?


Fireside Chat with Bank of Montreal and Coupa

In this on-demand webinar Tiffany Sadler from BMO and Michael van Keulen CPO from Coupa, former CPO of Lululemon, discuss the importance of how companies need to quickly get a grasp of spend and how Coupa helped change the procurement process at Bank of Montreal.


Is Your Supplier Diversity Program Ready for Greater Expectations and Visibility?

Today, companies are taking a much harder look not only at their internal diversity efforts, but the diversity of their supply base as well. The Hackett Group's Supplier Diversity study highlights the growing importance companies are placing on these efforts and why.

For example, 74% of organizations cited the importance of leveraging supplier diversification efforts to improve their corporate image as well as meeting growing customer expectations. To be sure, there will be greater visibility of a companys supplier diversity efforts to meet the societal, customer, and even regulatory, expectations.

Watch this 30-minute on-demand webinar to learn more about:

  • Growing trends related to supplier diversity
  • Steps companies can take to create a more inclusive supply base
  • Processes needed to ensure this diverse supply base is fully utilized


Creating an Optimum Supplier Sourcing Strategy

2020 has highlighted how vulnerable global supply chains can be to disruption and the importance for Procurement to possess a strong response strategy to crisis. With 2021 fast approaching, it is essential to rethink business models and build the optimum supply chain.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Niklas Klarnskou, Head of Procurement Process & Digitalisation at CRH, and Jacob Larsen, Director of Digital Procurement at Maersk as they discuss:

  • How to create transparency in your supply chain
  • Looking ahead and planning towards 2021 and beyond
  • What’s better – supply chain resilience or supply chain immunity?


Managing Third Parties in a High-Risk Environment featuring Deloitte

From the global pandemic to shifting trade alliances to evolving regulatory requirements, effectively managing your third parties is more challenging than ever. How can companies get the right visibility into their supply chains and third-party ecosystems while establishing the proper controls to get ahead of increasing risk—AND be prepared to respond proactively to potential risk events?

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Kristian Park, author of Deloitte’s Extended Enterprise Risk Management Survey, and Ryan Flynn, author of Deloitte’s Global CPO Survey, as they discussed:

  • Findings from Deloitte's 2020 global survey on third-party risk management (TPRM)
  • Key themes for TPRM: cost of failure, balancing responsibility and cost, increasing regulatory activity, and more
  • Preparations for 2021 in order to swiftly respond, recover, and thrive


Driving Risk Culture: An Integrated and Purpose-Built Approach to Effective Third-Party Risk Management

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can drive risk culture within your company by integrating a third-party management strategy with a broader business spend management strategy.


Hackett Group Debunks the Myth: AP Will Always Be Tactical

In this on-demand webinar, The Hackett Group debunks the myth: AP will always be tactical and explains how AP is essential to companies that want to remain competitive and succeed in today’s economic uncertainty. Tune in to learn how leading finance organizations are transforming Accounts Payable.


CSR Sourcing Strategies: Learn How to Thrive While Solving for Some of the World's Biggest Challenges

Today’s companies understand the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), but how can you refine your sourcing strategies to drive change? Join Paul Martyn, Sales Director for Coupa Sourcing Optimization, as he moderates a panel featuring three complex sourcing experts, Walt Charles, CPO at Allergan; Elouise Epstein, a Partner at Kearney; and Tiffany Hickerson, a VP at Kearney. Together, they’ll explore why Corporate Social Responsibility in sourcing matters and how Procurement can be a catalyst for meaningful change in the face of significant global challenges.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to examine the environmental, political, and social landscape in which you source.
  • What skills to develop to become a purpose-driven Procurement leader
  • How to communicate the competitive advantages of being a purpose-driven leader to management, leadership, and other key stakeholders.


Why the Agile Workforce Will Be Critical for 2020 (and Beyond)

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn why current conditions are actively placing the utmost emphasis on the cost, quality, efficiency, and productivity value-drivers of the agile workforce and for best-in-class strategies for transforming contingent workforce management in uncertain times.


Driving Resilience With Payments: Accelerate Supplier Payments Without Impacting Your Cash Position

In times of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever that companies drive resiliency with a long-term payment strategy to manage through today’s crisis, and also thrive in the years ahead. Businesses are struggling to gain control and visibility over cash, while strapped suppliers are seeking accelerated payments.

View this webinar to hear real-world insights from American Express and Coupa on how a fully integrated payments solution can help businesses improve efficiency and streamline reconciliation.



While there’s no denying how hard the global pandemic has hit supply networks and businesses, procurement and supply chain leaders now have the attention of the C-suite–with supplier health, cost containment, and risk management top of mind in the boardroom.

Hear a lively CPO discussion hosted by Procurious–featuring Stephen Day, CPO at Kantar; Coretta Bessi, CPO at Westpac; and Michael Van Keulen, CPO at Coupa as they discussed:

  • The changing role of procurement and its alignment to the C-suite
  • Ways to support corporate stability and long-term success, throughout the crisis and beyond
  • Findings from the Procurious survey–Procurement's Time To Lead


The two key strategies to increase resilience at pace

Supply chains, consumer behaviour and market conditions continue to be disrupted, leaving procurement with the need to bolster the organisation against immediate risks, as well focusing on planning for the economic impacts ahead. But, according to McKinsey, the most resilient can cope with uncertainty and bounce back stronger than their peers if they take actionable steps quickly.

Watch our on-demand webinar, featuring Procurement Leaders along with a panel of experts as we explore two key strategies you can use to increase resilience – supply chain risk management and investment agility – at speed. The discussion covers:

  • Evaluating complex scenarios to ensure you have the right mix of suppliers to cope with market uncertainty
  • Partnering with finance to create a working capital cushion
  • Developing a unified process for managing categories that face exceptional disruption


Managing Global Compliance in a World of Change

These days, more than ever, businesses operating globally are confronted with different tax authorities changing their local compliance and reporting requirements and introducing new regulations such as mandatory (clearance-based) e-invoicing, real-time reporting, and on-request e-audit files, to name a few.

Learn more about these (upcoming) requirements that will inevitably impact many businesses in this joint Coupa/PwC webinar on demand. We'll dive into ongoing and upcoming changes and explore how you can future-proof your processes and solutions to stay compliant.

You will also learn how Coupa, with PwC's support, is making sure to stay ahead of these changes and how this is embedded in Coupa's Compliance-as-a-Service offerings across the Coupa platform.


Harvard Business Review Webinar: What Resilient Companies Do Differently

Hear the recent HBR webinar featuring Mihir Mysore, a Partner with McKinsey & Company’s Risk Practice and co-author of the HBR article, “What Companies Should Do to Prepare for a Recession”, share lessons about resilient companies from previous downturns and describe what he expects the most resilient companies to do in this downturn—which includes using digital tools and advanced analytics along with strengthening their balance sheets.



Overcome the hype, minimize digital fatigue, and drive true transformation in your organization. This presentation debunks the hype and proves that technology is only as good as the process it enables. Hear Alpar Kamber, Head of Procurement Services at WNS and Michael Van Keulen, CPO at Coupa as they discuss addressing digitization through key components:

  • Assessment, readiness, and roadmap: Navigating the hype and managing your change-averse stakeholders to develop the right plan for your organization
  • Process: Right-sizing your process design work and defining the channels, policies, and controls you will digitize
  • Adoption: Managing change and implementing to drive adoption


The Fast Path to Business Resilience: Control Your Spend and Stretch Cash Flow

In this on-demand webinar you will hear from procurement leaders at UiPath as they walk you through how they are building a resilient business to maintain operational continuity and financial headroom to manage today’s economic reality


Leveraging Automation to Help Manage Supplier Risk

In the age of big data and digital transformation, implementing a proactive and predictive supplier risk and performance management (SRPM) program is an achievable goal and a competitive advantage. In this on-demand webinar, KPMG and Coupa share lessons learned and how organizations have integrated supplier risk management into their source-to-pay process to better identify, assess, and manage supplier risk while also improving efficiency, governance, and cost savings.


Effective Third-Party Risk Management: Protect Your Brand and Your Bottom Line

Unexpected circumstances can create the need for swift evaluation of third-party risks, as the performance and risk of each supplier relationship can significantly impact a company’s success.

Watch Coupa experts discuss how to effectively safeguard your organization's brand and bottom line from third-party risk with tips and tricks to help your company thrive in the years ahead.


Implementing Procurement Transformation Through the Lens of Elekta and UiPath

Hear an insightful discussion from Elekta and UiPath on the challenges and lessons learnt during a Business Spend Management implementation project. You'll gain real-life perspectives through the eyes of our customers, as they share:

  • the reasons for deciding to implement a P2P system
  • the process of electing an implementation partner
  • expectations and adoption challenges
  • the value a system implementation partner brings to the project
  • recommendations lessons learnt and best practices from a customer perspective



In times of crisis, procurement becomes finance’s eyes and ears, offering visibility and control on spend, insight into supplier risk as well as helping make the decisions that will stand up during a recovery.

In this on-demand webinar, featuring Inter IKEA, we explore how strategic sourcing builds resilience through:

  • Moving from a 'just-in time' to ‘just in case' supply chain
  • Quickly sourcing new suppliers in new categories with confidence
  • Making decisions with complex restrictions at speed
  • Working with suppliers at scale



In this on-demand webinar hosted by ProcureCon, Magnus Bergfors, Lead Analyst at Spend Matters, and Todd Ford, CFO at Coupa, discuss how leaders are achieving strong spend management results as well as strategies your finance and procurement teams can use to drive agility in times of change.


How to Select and Manage the Right Suppliers for Ongoing Business Success

In this on-demand webinar, guest speaker Andrew Bartels, Forrester, shares how organizations can help mitigate risk with improved supplier partnerships.


How World-Class Organizations are Modernizing Their Strategic Sourcing Processes

Manual sourcing processes can make your organization susceptible to risk, while streamlined evaluation of your suppliers can help position your company for resiliency in uncertain times. Learn how your organization can adopt a more efficient, data-driven digital process.

In Coupa's speaking session at the ProcureCon Digital Summit titled, How World-Class Organizations are Modernizing Their Strategic Sourcing Processes, watch Jonathan Fehring from The Hackett Group discuss what organizations are doing to digitally transform their sourcing processes.


Impact of Coronavirus: How Procurement Can Lead in Times of Crisis

Guest speaker Alejandro Basterrechea, Head of Procurement Operations at Zalando, addresses how Zalando are navigating through the different phases of the crisis by enabling their completely remote Procurement function to remain agile during the crisis, and provide all stakeholders with insights that drive greater cross-business resilience.


Getting your Worker Classification right is the key to managing non-employees

How sure are you that your worker classification process isn’t putting your organisation at risk? In this webinar, Coupa and Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) discussed how organisations like yours have reduced their risks and maximised value, all by making practical changes to their classification process.


The Knowledge Group Webinar: Secrets to an Effective and Successful Contract Management Deployment Uncovered!

In this on-demand webinar, Coupa experts Nick Triantafel and Jim Hartford provides the audience with an in-depth discussion of contract management. Speakers share effective strategies for a successful contract management deployment.

In this on-demand webinar, we covered:

  • The CLM Market
  • Defining a Successful Implementation
  • Business Goals
  • Change Management
  • Deployment Approach
  • Best Practices


Coupa for NetSuite Live Demo

In this on-demand demo Peter DiFalco, Coupa Senior Value Solution Consultant, demonstrates how Coupa extends your NetSuite investment. We’ll let our technology speak for itself by showing you how Coupa’s Business Spend Management platform can drive savings, visibility, and efficiency for your business with our prebuilt NetSuite integration.


Supporting C-Level Digital Initiatives with Business Spend Management (BSM)

In recent research on digital initiatives, IDC identified nine top-of-mind agenda items for CEOs. This on-demand webinar features IDC guest speaker, Mickey North Rizza, as she reviews these findings with a lens on how BSM can create opportunities for practitioners in finance, procurement, and IT to align their initiatives with the CEO’s digital agenda.

Gain Mickey’s perspective in conversation with Donna Wilczek, Coupa’s SVP of Product Innovation, as they discuss the extent of change expected as well as how it relates to your role, including:

  • Improving agility to deliver on increasing customer demand for customized products and services
  • Promoting trust by upholding ethics and sustainability across operations and the supply chain
  • Developing new work models to enable new skills and worker experiences while automating lower-value tasks
  • Operationalizing insights and benchmarking to learn at scale with digital platforms


Reimagining Procurement With a Strategic Lens

Procurement executives face extraordinary new opportunities to be at the forefront of global business transformation, but the confluence of global trends, changing industry ecosystems, and groundbreaking digital technologies has also left growth-seeking companies awash in complexity. With the right set of differentiated sourcing and procurement capabilities, companies can turn that complexity into competitive advantage.

Hear the recent Harvard Business Review webinar, featuring Bain & Company’s global procurement lead, Caperton Flood, as he discusses reimagining procurement with a strategic lens, including:

  • The rising complexity among global businesses
  • How this complexity affects operations and procurement
  • How companies are creating differentiated procurement capabilities


How to Effectively Manage 2020's Top Financial Issues

Tony Tiscornia, Coupa CAO, shares his five strategies to effectively manage some of the most significant points of concerns for financial leaders today, as he looks to tomorrow. From compliance and risk to digital transformation and community intelligence, leaders need the right tools to manage the unknown.

In this on-demand webinar, Tony also discusses:

  • How to mitigate risk and gain greater control over compliance hurdles
  • Ways to improve resilience and stay strong despite market volatility
  • Key KPIs to monitor in order to improve efficiency


Control Your Contingent Workforce Risk Without Bringing Business to a Halt

As non-employee spend of all categories increases year-over-year, risk exposure with respect to this population grows exponentially concerning. Thus, understanding the types of risks contingent workers present and the best ways to mitigate those risks is now imperative in your role.

In this webinar presented by SIG, Steve Knapp, Director, CCW, Coupa and Graeme Robertson, Partner, KatThree discussed:

  • Blueprints for managing compliance across work and worker classification categorization
  • Answers to questions around labor laws, union agreements, and additional global regulations
  • Real-world examples of modern tools, processes and policies


Boost Your Triple Bottom Line with Sustainable Business Spend Management

In this on-demand webinar, Daniel Perry, Global Alliances Director, EcoVadis and Phil Foti, Director, Product Strategy & Innovation, Coupa discuss how to incorporate sustainability into your business spend strategy.

In this on-demand webinar you will learn:

  • Why Sustainability matters
  • How Sustainable BSM creates internal as well as supply chain value
  • Examples of solid Sustainability measurements


Supporting the Operational CFO with Digital Transformation in Procure-to-Pay

Speakers: JR Miller, CFO and EVP, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and Timothy Yoo, Principal, The Hackett Group In this on demand webinar, JR and Timothy are joined by Coupa's Jake Adger, Sr. Director, to discuss JR's journey from finance team member to CFO by taking the lead in enabling an organization to improve risk management and operational efficiency, especially with procure-to-pay (P2P) processes.

They'll explore:

  • How the role of the CFO is evolving to encompass operational risk management
  • What recent research reveals about the relationship among digital maturity, visibility into P2P processes, and business results
  • Best practices in and lessons learned from applying digital transformation to P2P and operational risk management


How CLM is Revolutionizing the Way Companies Spend Money with IACCM

Contracts are the framework for every purchase companies make and can have significant implications across an enterprise. After all, while only specific departments are worried about selling goods and services, every department needs to buy them. However, many contracting processes are inefficient, siloed, and completely disconnected from spend. The consequences of this disconnect are lost savings and increased institutional risk.

To solve this, companies are looking for enterprise-wide platforms that enable high employee adoption by incorporating CLM into their familiar business spend management (BSM) platforms. Join Scott Mars and IACCM in this webinar to explore this new phase of CLM maturity and show how the unification of CLM and BSM accelerates contracting, reduces risk, and drives savings.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • The benefits of a CLM system that integrates with business spend;
  • How unifying contracts and spend is driving significant corporate savings;
  • And, how AI is evolving to meet the demand for more on-contract spend.



In this on-demand webinar hosted by OCEG, guest speaker Renee Murphy from Forrester and Jake Adger from Coupa discuss strategies for effective third party risk management.

Listen now to learn more about:

  • How digital transformation changes the nature of 3rd party risk
  • Lessons learned from high profile organisations that failed to mitigate risk
  • Specific challenges practitioners face complying with a variety of regulations
  • Best practices to increase efficiency while mitigating the risks associated with 3rd party relationships


World-Class Procurement: Redefining Performance in a Digital Era

To thrive in an era of intensified competition and volatility, the onus is on procurement to evolve its capabilities to not only become more efficient but also enable the enterprise to realize its strategic objectives.

With the emergence of advanced digital tools, traditional procurement organizations have been given a new way to re-evaluate the way they work and accelerate progress toward world-class status.

In this on-demand webinar, you will hear The Hackett Group discuss:

  • Key findings from their 2019 procurement study data
  • How procurement’s value is evolving and where to begin in becoming more stakeholder centric
  • Tips to overcome the challenges procurement faces in digital transformation


The Strategic CFO is Thriving with Risk: Confronting Today's Challenges to Manage All Forms of Risk

How should a CFO balance a traditional, fundamental finance function with a more forward-looking approach without risking inefficiency or putting strain on resources?

The CFO has always held a vital role for the organization–they ensure a strong financial position and effective controls so the company can make decisions within acceptable levels of risk. As global markets become more competitive, CFOs are increasingly called upon to take a more forward-looking and strategic approach to financial management. While this means expanding their roles, CFOs must still maintain core financial functions like reporting, auditing, and compliance.

Listen to Todd Ford, Coupa CFO, and Rosa Harris, WSJ Contributor, as they explore the evolving role of the modern CFO and what it means for an organization’s success.


Bring Shadow IT Into the Light: How to Reduce Risk, Improve Efficiency, and Accelerate Innovation

In partnership with Apptio, listen to this webinar to hear best practices for finance to put an end to overprovisioned and untracked SaaS licenses & cloud instanaces, loss of purchasing power from a fragmented vendor portfolio and increased risk exposure on security and regulatory compliance.


Connecting the IMA Competency Framework to Industry 4.0 Adoption

Whether called the 4th industrial revolution or some other name, the principles of Industry 4.0 are transforming industries and their supply chains aroundcross the globe. It is a complex and fast- evolving topic. Paul Juras, of Babson College, and Deb Michalowski, of Intel, will explain how the skills contained within the IMA Management Accounting Competency Framework can position you to help lead your organization’s implementation of Industry 4.0.

After this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Explain the basics of Industry 4.0.
  • Describe how Industry 4.0 adoption might impact the roles and responsibilities of management accountants.
  • Recognize how the skills within the IMA Management Accounting Competency Framework positions accounting and finance professionals to help guide an organization through Industry 4.0 adoption and implementation.


Lear's Journey to Digital Procurement Excellence

Listen to this webinar to hear from Lear, KPMG LLP, and Coupa on how Business Spend Management (BSM) can help businesses stay ahead of the competition and increase the value of every dollar spent.


How CFOs Take the Lead on Third-Party Risk Management and Governance

In this on demand webinar, Mark Deluca, Senior Vice President, Coupa and Ryan Flynn, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, highlight a maturity model finance executives can use to overcome challenges of managing third-party risk.

They'll discuss:

  • What third-party governance and risk management mean for finance leaders
  • What key factors drive, and what issues most often undermine, finance leaders' efforts to develop a mature strategy for managing third-party risk
  • Why and how companies will need to establish an integrated approach to investing in risk management
  • What skills and resources finance leaders require to enable their companies to continually improve visibility into and control over risk management


Key steps to manage risk in real-time

Hear CNA Insurance, Rolls Royce and Coupa's own CISO discuss their perspectives on the different types of risks that face their businesses and strategies for effective risk management.


Make Your Source-to-Contract Process Sizzle

How Best-in-Class Companies Leverage Advanced Technology to Deliver Greater Value to their Shareholders

Today's complex, high-velocity supply networks involve many players. Numerous suppliers of goods and services in various stages of engagement are faced with mounting pressure to execute, irrespective of market conditions. Buyers are facing ever-mounting pressure to control rising costs in this geopolitical environment and negotiate stronger contracts for their company while minimizing risk in the negotiated agreement.

  • Analyze thousands of price, and non-price factors simultaneously using mathematical optimization to find the precise combination of suppliers and goods/services that meet your exact constraints and buying strategy.
  • Turn contracts into data and accelerate the contracting process to operationalize contracts and turn negotiations into real savings for every purchase.
  • Leverage a unified technology platform to improve productivity, drastically increase compliance and de-risk your organization's business processes.


How Aon United IT & Procurement for Digital Transformation

Over the last few years, Aon has transformed. By creating a procurement and IT alliance, these teams have worked together to establish a global strategy leveraging a Business Spend Management platform to save $60M in the first 12 months.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear the Aon story firsthand from the company’s VP, Shardul Oza, & their Finance, HR and Contact Center Technology Leader, George Logothetis. These executives will share with you how their teams worked together to:

  • Identify the solution to the company’s disjointed procurement practices
  • Establish joint KPIs for their digital procurement transformation
  • Simplify procure-to-pay processes and cement workflows in their technology globally
  • Focus on results beyond savings such as nearing 100% of spend under control and tracking user adoption


Disrupting Finance and Procurement: A Conversation with lululemon athletica about Digital Transformation

In this on demand webinar, lululemon's Gerald Dunning, Director, Financial Shared Services, and Michael Van Keulen, Director, Global Procurement, sit down for a candid discussion about digital transformation initiatives with source-to-pay technology. They'll discuss how they used Coupa to reduce operating costs, improve financial controls, and to automate AP. You'll also hear from Tony Tiscornia, Chief Accounting Officer of Coupa Software, about business spend management trends, why finance professionals should address procurement, and common pain points seen across all industries.


The Essential Skills and Capabilities CFOs will Require from Finance Teams of the Future

In this on demand webinar, Darryl Bond, Chief Accounting Officer of Yext Inc., sits down with Jake Adger, Coupa, for 45 minutes to chat about how Finance leaders can prep their finance teams for the future.

Darryl and Jake discuss changes in traditional roles within finance, the new skills and training needed of finance teams, why finance's role is expanding beyond retrospective reporting, and more.


Building a Strategic Procurement & Finance Alliance to Enable Growth

Using KPIs and Benchmark Data to Reduce Silos in the Back Office

As organizations look to control spending and drive profitability, creating a strategic alliance between two key back-office departments—finance and procurement—is critical. The results of a stronger partnership range from streamlined processes to decreased risk, and most importantly, the ability to respond quickly to opportunities and challenges as they arise.

Hear Levvel Research, Aon CPO Michael Benvenuto, and Coupa CFO Todd Ford discuss new Business Spend Management benchmarks drawn from $1+ trillion in actual business spend managed by high-performing organizations.

This on-demand webinar also explores:

  • New data on the state of procurement and finance collaboration
  • Procurement and finance efficiency benchmarks of high-performing organizations
  • Strategies for reducing departmental silos and creating spend management visibility


Fireside Chat: Future of Finance

The Hackett Group's Amy Fong sits down with Hyrum Kirton, Bristol Hospice, for 45 minutes to chat about how Finance teams must become more strategic to survive and why Business Spend Management (BSM) is the leading strategy to deliver on the promise of digital transformation.


Analyst Webinar: Managing Services Spend Within a Gig Economy

Featuring VP, Research Director, Andrew Bartels from Forrester

Last year, US firms alone spent approximately $10 trillion on external services1. With temporary workers expected to continue increasing significantly in the next few years, corporate buyers of services are looking for sustainable relationships with their key services providers and contingent workforces to help manage the quality, performance, and cost of these vendors.

Hear Andrew Bartels, featured analyst speaker from Forrester, discuss the future trend toward a gig economy and how you can prepare to manage your services spend with a solution that allows you to:

  • Source: Find the right resource from the right supplier at the right price
  • Procure Consistently order from preferred services suppliers and pay competitive rates for contract workers and SOW projects, while helping you comply with local labor laws
  • Manage: Efficiently and securely onboard and offboard contingent workers with visibility into contingent worker spend, quality of workforce, and performance to objectives
1 Source: “Mapping The $9 Trillion US B2B Online Commerce Market,” Forrester Research, Inc., April 13, 2018.


ISS Group's Procurement Transformation Story

Striving for 95% PO compliance, 98% electronic POs, and 83% e-invoicing may seem like a stretch for most organizations but for ISS NL this is close to realization. Thus, ISS Group has decided to start a transformation program to strive for these figures globally.

Listen to this exciting webinar and hear directly from Henk Grol, Sr. Project Manager at ISS Group, to review results from their two pilot countries with an eye on applying the lessons learned globally.

You will learn how:

  • Alignment across finance and procurement, plus the GPO team and the BPO, pushed the pilot forward
  • Initial results showed PO compliance improved from 14% to 95% in just 18 months in the Netherlands


The Services Spend Management Challenge

How to Control and Optimize Services Spending Effectively with a Comprehensive Solution Including Advanced Services & Contingent Workers

Companies often spend more on services than any other category. Unfortunately, as services spend increases, businesses lose visibility and control. This results in limited compliance and budget overruns.

Turn that around with Coupa Contingent Workforce, an end-to-end non-employee management and services procurement solution. Take business spend management to a different level by providing a deeper and wider view of the process, spend, and workforce.

Hear Ammu Warrier, VP of Coupa Contingent Workforce at Coupa deep dive into how the right technology can streamline your services procurement process. You'll see firsthand how the right solution can enable you to:

  • Drive more adoption
  • Accelerate your time to value
  • Reduce costs and save


The Next Big Thing in S2P: AI and Big Data

Insights from spend data from both internal sources and industry peers will soon be critical to driving outstanding results for your company in an increasingly competitive environment. When applied correctly, AI and big data can reveal significant opportunities to take your S2P processes and outcomes to the next level.

Listen to Coupa and sharedserviceslink explore recent survey results on how AI and Big Data are currently being used in S2P. You’ll discover how:

  • Shared services teams still operate with too small a spend under management—with 36% of companies lacking in controls
  • Plans for incorporating AI and Big Data will evolve over the next 5 years
  • Big Data and AI implementations have started in 30% of shared services teams—and where they decided to start
  • Reduction of fraud in T&E, P2P, and Procurement is driving a significant need for data insights and AI
  • Quick wins can get you started selling a convincing business case for AI and Big Data tools


On-Demand Demo for Life Sciences

Mike Conway, Coupa Value Sales Consultant, gives an overview of how Life Sciences companies can efficiently scale their operations while remaining compliant with regulations including the Sunshine Act (PPSA) in the United States.

In this on-demand deep-dive demo and Q&A, you'll learn how easy it is to:

  • Collect the needed data and drive compliance with industry regulations
  • Increase front-line productivity by automating purchasing and approvals
  • Improve back-office efficiency by automating AP and expense management


Bethesda Health Digitizes Purchase to Pay Processes

Paper-based purchasing processes that aren't automated can lead to misordering and lengthy approval times that cause inventory fluctuations and late payment, resulting in a loss in productivity as well as early-payment discounts.

Join Bethesda Health Director of Purchasing, Mark Dorlaque, as he discusses how he streamlined purchasing, approval and payment processes to bring efficiency across the organization.

Watch the webinar to learn how Bethesda Health...

  • Reduced approval times from 2 weeks to 3 hours
  • Gained control over the procure to pay process to move towards 95% PO compliance
  • Improved budget tracking to achieve savings that impact the bottom line


Complex Sourcing: How to Make the Impossible Easy, Save Money, and Get Promoted While Doing It

Complex, high-value sourcing events involve many elements with numerous suppliers of goods and services for review, plus multiple rounds of negotiation. The potential number of combinations of suppliers and goods/services often run into the millions!

So how do you make the most efficient, educated decision? Incorporating advanced mathematical optimization techniques can help evolve your complex sourcing process to become more streamlined and strategic.

Watch this SIG webinar recording featuring Ayush Sharma, Global Solutions Director at Coupa, to deep dive into how the right technology can transform your sourcing process from taking weeks, to taking hours. You’ll see firsthand how the right solution can enable you to:

  • Analyze price, and non-price, information to find the precise combination of suppliers and goods/services that meet your exact constraints and buying strategy
  • Bring greater consistency to your sourcing across your team by creating your own “whole project templates” or leveraging preconfigured templates
  • Ask unlimited “what if” questions during scenario analysis to challenge your assumptions and have your suppliers show you the possible


How CFOs Drive Growth and Reduce Risk Through Digital Transformation

To a greater extent than ever, finance leaders are having to navigate among conflicting priorities as they seek opportunities to achieve growth relative to their competitors while mitigating risks and controlling costs.

But by applying the latest advances in digital transformation, most notably in the areas of automation, cloud-based network architecture, and artificial intelligence, CFOs can align conflicting priorities by focusing on analysis rather than reporting. In so doing, CFOs not only gain visibility into their companies' current performance; they also enable their companies to recognize opportunities, as well as anticipate risks, sooner than their competitors.

During this Webcast, we will discuss:

  • How CFOs can break down silos to achieve visibility into their organizations' overall performance,
  • The CFO's role in enabling a company to apply the latest advances in digital transformation to identify, as well as respond to, opportunities and risks that competitors miss, and
  • How finance leaders can recognize and overcome obstacles to fulfilling their organizations' overarching performance goals.


Managing IT Business Spend: Thinking Strategically While Executing Tactically

The cost structures of most IT organizations are changing radically as they move operations into the cloud, cope with the proliferation of mobile devices, and double down on security safeguards. But too often the Business Spend Management (BSM) tools at the disposal of IT professionals are difficult to use, lack visibility into current budget, and end up being simply overlooked and unused.

Join CIO.com and Coupa for this webinar featuring Mark Settle, CIO of Okta and author of Truth from the Trenches: A Practical Guide to the Art of IT Management, as we discuss the importance of turning Business Spend Management (BSM) into a team sport for the entire IT organization and avoiding a maniacal focus on continuous cost cutting.

We will explore how IT leaders can realize:

  • Record user adoption rates—even up to 100%
  • Cloud software benefits including less infrastructure, built-in security, and scalability
  • Amplification of the value of existing ERP investments using open and certified integrations


Understanding Your Role in Your Company’s Overall Business Spend Management

While many of today’s back-office stakeholders want to help their organizations improve spend management, different departments often have siloed, segmented cultures that prevent them from identifying their role in this process. Instead of viewing spend management automation in a holistic, strategic manner, companies see back-office process automation software as piecemeal solutions to very tactical problems. For example, an Accounts Payable (AP) department might plug in an invoice management software to try to reduce high invoice volume without really considering the impact that the Procurement department’s purchasing methods have on their own process. On the other hand, when organizations take a holistic business spend management approach, they not only improve their own process issues, but their organization as a whole.

Join PayStream Advisors and Source-to-Settle automation provider, Coupa, to explore how different processes and departments contribute to the company’s overall financial health. This webinar is meant to encourage different stakeholders to look beyond their own slice of business spend management, and to show how technology can help internal teams collaborate to better contribute to their company’s bottom line.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Business spend management trends among organizations (including AP, procurement, and sourcing processes)
  • How to improve visibility and control for all spend types
  • How to expand your business spend management worldview
  • How to apply business spend management software to improve the bottom line


Financial Services Firms Drive Visibility, Compliance, and Control

Financial services firms are under constant pressure to increase efficiency across their operations while managing complex compliance requirements. Many firms are challenged with complex operating structures and cultures that don’t always embrace change. In order to thrive, firms must focus on the needs of each user as they embrace digital innovation— and leverage the power of cloud technology to improve operational efficiency and create measurable value.

Listen to industry leaders from Rabobank, Bremer Bank, and Accenture discuss how Business Spend Management (BSM) can help address many of the most pressing issues in financial services today.

You will:

  • Hear perspectives from industry experts about the key concerns financial services companies face today
  • Gain best practices on how to approach digitization to achieve successful technology adoption
  • Learn from real-world success stories of transforming Business Spend Management (BSM) processes


1.1 Million e-Invoices and Counting at MGM Resorts

From terry-cloth bathrobes to dolphin medicine, sourcing supplies and managing suppliers is an ongoing challenge for global hospitality, retail and entertainment brand MGM, which does business with more than 10,000 suppliers and and processes 1.1 million invoices per year.

In 2016 the company’s procurement team found that shockingly only 40% of spend was under management and took action. Codenamed “Project Endeavor,” MGM launched an initiative seeking a comprehensive and open Business Spend Management (BSM) solution.

Watch this webinar to hear from Amanda Prochaska, VP Procurement PMO Global Procurement, to learn how MGM saved $2.7 million and achieved the following process efficiencies:

  • Transformed from 0% to 90% e-invoicing
  • Achieved overnight success from 30% PO-based spend to 100%
  • Digitized the supplier experience for 10,000 global suppliers
  • Retired their supplier phone line and case management system



View this On-Demand webinar with Amit Duvedi, VP, Business Value Engineering at Coupa along with Karen Webster, CEO of PYMNTS.com and learn about improved techniques for financial services firms to increase visibility and control, improve compliance, and manage risk–all while lowering costs to improve margins.

Topics covered during this webinar include:

  • Challenges facing Financial Services today
  • Complex regulations – addressing risk & compliance
  • Margin pressure – driving savings and efficiencies
  • Prescriptive operational insight in Financial Services
  • Digitization & fragmented systems



Moderation: Dr. Tobias Anslinger, Chefredakteur „BIP - Best in Procurement“


  • Robert Böber, Senior Manager Sourcing und Geschäftsprozesseoptimierung, Einkaufsleiter GLS Deutschland
  • Alexander Boehme, Solutions Consultant EMEA, Coupa Deutschland GmbH


Managing IT Business Spend: Thinking Strategically While Executing Tactically

The cost structures of most IT organizations are changing radically as they move operations into the cloud, cope with the proliferation of mobile devices, and double down on security safeguards. But too often the Business Spend Management (BSM) tools at the disposal of IT professionals are difficult to use, lack visibility into current budget, and end up being simply overlooked and unused.

Join CIO.com and Coupa for this webinar featuring Mark Settle, CIO of Okta and author of Truth from the Trenches: A Practical Guide to the Art of IT Management, as we discuss the importance of turning Business Spend Management (BSM) into a team sport for the entire IT organization and avoiding a maniacal focus on continuous cost cutting.

We will explore how IT leaders can realize:

  • Record user adoption rates—even up to 100%
  • Cloud software benefits including less infrastructure, built-in security, and scalability
  • Amplification of the value of existing ERP investments using open and certified integrations



We're showing you how Coupa can extend your NetSuite investment. This on-demand demo with Coupa's NetSuite expert, Peter DiFalco, goes into detail on how simple and fast it is to implement Coupa and the immediate value realized.


Becton Dickinson's Innovative Approach to Supplier Management

For Becton Dickinson (BD), a leading medical technology company operating four shared services centers world-wide, streamlining processes and delivering exciting results in P2P is always front of mind. Back in 2016, BD initiated a global program to improve its indirect purchasing process, ultimately increasing efficiency and effectiveness, enhancing visibility, and improving cost management.

In this webinar, Tina Soliz, Requisition to Pay Manager for the North America Shared Service Center at BD, shares learnings and details from their project that took them from using SAP SRM to using Coupa in the US and Canada, with a view to international.


Business Spend Management in the Digital Era

We live in a world where bits and bytes have largely replaced paper. How does this once-in-a-lifetime transformation affect Business Spend Management (BSM), across procure-to-pay, source-to-contract, travel & expense, supplier management, and more? How should modern Finance, Procurement, Sourcing, and Supplier Management executives think about reshaping their corporate strategies in order to continue outperforming their peers? What role does technology play in all of this?

This webinar features speakers Mickey North Rizza, VP of Enterprise Applications and Digital Commerce at IDC, and Sunny Manivannan, VP of Product Marketing at Coupa as they discuss critical topics related to digital transformation as it relates to BSM.


Best Practices for Healthcare Business Spend Management

The healthcare business structure presents very limited avenues for cost control. With two of the largest areas of spend (labor and pharmaceuticals) being essential components of quality patient care, it can be very challenging to maximize the value of every dollar spent. In addressing this issue, modern healthcare organizations need to have a holistic view of business spend.

In this webinar, veteran CFO Amy Floria will share her innovative approaches toward business spend management that has proven effective in her eighteen-year tenure at Goshen Health, Indiana’s most comprehensive healthcare system.


Tackling Compliance, Digitization, Cost Reduction with Business Spend Management

In recent years financial services organizations have been struggling to increase profits and enhance shareholder value. Faced with a long list of challenges, from slowing economic growth and changing consumer tastes to increased regulatory scrutiny and margin pressure, smart firms are looking for new ways to lower costs and increase revenues.

It’s time to take a strategic approach to spend management by streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. Join this live webinar with Amit Duvedi, VP, Business Value Engineering, Coupa along Karen Webster, CEO of PYMNTS.com and learn about improved techniques for financial services firms to increase visibility and control, improve compliance and manage risk, and lower costs to improve margins.


SaaS Business Applications Are The Foundation Of Digital Transformation

Companies looking to maintain their competitive edge and execute on digital transformation strategies need modern, flexible business applications. In today’s technology world, that usually means migrating to SaaS, which most CIOs find to be faster to implement and easier to adapt to changing business needs. However, many CIOs struggle to define a roadmap for this SaaS migration. In this webinar, guest speaker, Forrester Vice President, Principal Analyst Duncan Jones will describe best practices for defining your SaaS migration roadmap.


How P2P Automation Powers Global Growth at World Vision

World Vision identified two key areas for improvement: to implement shared services and an end-to-end source to pay platform. They now have shared services in Costa Rica, The Philippines and Ghana that provide 24-hour coverage and implemented Coupa to improve P2P efficiency.

Join this webinar replay to learn how the end-to-end source to pay solution is driving significant improvements.


Sourcing Optimization in New Categories: A “How To” Guide

Sourcing optimization isn't just for transportation spend. Across categories, it can help identify savings you could never have imagined compared to traditional web-based negotiation approaches. And it can be just as efficient to run a strategic sourcing process as a traditional RFX or reverse auction - sometimes even faster.

In this webinar, Spend Matters sourcing futurist Michael Lamoureux and analyst Tom Finn will join Coupa Sourcing Optimization GM Garry Mansell to delve into 6 non-traditional areas where sourcing optimization can identify implementable savings (while maintaining even testy sensitive supplier relationships)


How P2P Automation Powers Global Growth at World Vision

World Vision identified two key areas for improvement: to implement shared services and an end-to-end source to pay platform. They now have shared services in Costa Rica, The Philippines and Ghana that provide 24-hour coverage and implemented Coupa to improve P2P efficiency. Join this live webinar to learn how the end-to-end source to pay solution is driving significant improvements:

  • A dramatic improved in scalability and the ability to roll out in new countries rapidly and effectively.
  • A huge leap forward in procurement efficiency and control. They now have much more purchase backed spend, and have the visibility and controls they need to identify savings and reduce the risk of fraud.
  • Identifying opportunities to drive further savings in the payables process.


How to Optimize Expense Management

Automating expense reporting is one of the most important ways to control costs in the back office, and the travel and expense management (TEM) software options that enable companies to do this are plentiful. This webinar is for companies that want to truly understand what it takes to align expense reporting with operational and structure goals for long last cost control, increased employee productivity, and higher savings.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Expense reporting management trends among North American businesses
  • How to promote expense efficiency through mobile applications
  • How to leverage travel and expense intelligence in supplier negotiations
  • How to configure TEM software in accordance unique business needs


How to Make Procurement a Source of Sustainable Business Value

Procurement transformation has huge potential to increase business agility and improve results. The challenge is how to sustain those results. With a focus on spend management, you can generate big returns in a short period of time, but also it is also critical to put in place sustainable mechanisms to safeguard that investment.

During this webinar replay Warren Dick, the Head of Procurement with Australian Unity, along with Keaton Miller, Coupa's Regional Vice President of Customer Success (Asia Pacific), discuss procurement transformation in today's modern organization. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Technology's impact on spend management and the emphasis on cost savings, visibility and control
  • Challenges faced by rapidly growing organizations across procurement, finance, and external suppliers
  • Translation of procurement savings into real business results
  • Techniques to future proof procurement value within an organization


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Spend Data* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)

Join Paddy Lawton, analytics and AI guru, and GM of Coupa Spend, and Peter Smith, procurement expert at Spend Matters UK as they discuss spend data, its real relevance to your organisation and and how you might be able to use it to your best advantage.

Peter will run through the highlights of the recent Spend Matters briefing paper covering these topics, then Paddy and Peter will discuss:

  • Where spend analytics is heading
  • The latest innovations and opportunities in spend analytics
  • What practitioners should be doing now to get the most out of their data

There will be a chance to ask questions and join in the debate too!


How to Manage and Maintain Visibility in your Corporate Catalog

In many organizations, employees are required to buy from specific catalogs maintained by their employer. Due to ever-changing needs, employees may not find what they need in these catalogs. This may cause an employee to buy goods outside of their corporate-approved channels, but doing so can result in non-compliant spending - without proper budget checks or approvals.

Watch this webinar replay with Donna Wilczek, VP of Product Strategy and Innovation at Coupa, Michael Shmunis, Global Alliances & Business Development at Amazon Business, and Ari Perlman, Senior Director of Sourcing and Procurement at TEGNA, to learn how Coupa Open Buy with Amazon Business is an easy way for organizations to quickly search, find, and buy goods with all their organization’s required spending and budget controls applied automatically.

Topics covered during this webinar include:

  • How to gain e-commerce expertise and visibility into full product catalogs on an established multi-seller marketplace
  • Improve compliance and save time with combined checkout, approvals and reporting in one place
  • Streamline your online purchasing experience


How AI is Transforming AP Automation

Join us for a webinar on October 25th where we will talk you through how AI can make a difference in AP Automation through prescriptive insights into invoicing and expenses activities today.

Join us to hear:

  • How companies are tracking and measuring key KPIs ranging from first-time match invoice rate to expense report approval cycle time.
  • How practitioners can understand how their T&E programs are performing by tracking key T&E KPIs, comparing their performance with benchmarks informed by the intelligence of the peer community, and viewing recommendations for improvements.
  • How new tools can show specific improvement recommendations created using peer community intelligence.
  • How Coupa’s technology provides automated recommendations, and advanced goal setting to help customers increase the value of their spend management program on a continual basis.


Economics, Geopolitical, and Environment, Oh My! - It's Really Time to Talk Risk

Supply chain risk is an ongoing process and having a collaborative, risk intelligent culture and the right tools to aid you is essential as shifting economic, geopolitical and environmental factors can affect your business.

In this webinar, Spend Matters’ Jason Busch joins Coupa’s senior economist and risk expert Ahmad Sadeddin as they discuss the three top risk areas and provide actions you can take to ensure you have the foresight to make strategic sourcing decisions.

Economic Risk: Do you understand the supplier financial risk and trade/counterparty exposure in a leveraged market environment?

Geopolitical Risk: How do NAFTA, Brexit and increased global free trade affect the supply chain?

Environmental Risk: How do natural disasters play a role in your decision-making process? Why should you source locally? Which countries are riskier and which allow for low-cost sourcing?


Discover the value of extending your NetSuite investment with Coupa

What do you get when you integrate the number one cloud ERP solution with the number one cloud spend management solution? Mobility, ease of use, the fastest time to value, the lowest total cost of ownership, the highest levels of user adoption and incredible levels of spend under management. Adding Coupa to your NetSuite ERP is the fastest, easiest way to unleash real business value.

Join Lindsay Mortellaro, Financial Associate at Squarespace, and Robin Turner, Senior Accounting Manager at Coupa Software, for a live case study on the benefits of integrating with Netsuite to streamline and digitize the spend process from end-to-end. During this webinar you will learn more about the benefits of this partnership, including how to:

  • Reduce costs by providing greater insight and control
  • Increase agility by automating end-to-end AP and procure-to-pay processes
  • Reduce risks with built-in compliance capabilities
  • Scale quickly and easily, with rapid deployment and ease-of-use


Driving Effective Corporate Controls and Compliance in Today’s Modern Organization

During this webcast, you’ll hear from Finance professionals about how achieving visibility and control over spend is invaluable for their day-to-day and period-to-period activities.This webcast will explore:

  • Examining the organization’s process efficiency including Accounts Payable
  • Building and implementing financial controls to achieve business agility
  • Improving the process for preparing audit-ready financials
  • Driving compliance through spend management
  • Leveraging technology to help reduce risks and ensure compliance


Scaling For Growth- Financial Maturity

Establishing or expanding controls doesn't have to mean sacrificing Corporate Culture. Watch this webinar replay to learn from Procurement and Finance leaders how to take the next step towards Financial Maturity while effectively managing costs, reducing risk, building agile infrastructure, and delivering savings for their companies.

View this webinar replay to learn more about how fast-growing companies can make the back-office more efficient while putting the financial controls in place to satisfy their investors

Watch Replay >

Ensuring International Business Success: How to Build Compliant and Efficient Global AP Processes

Ensuring International Business Success: How to Build Compliant and Efficient Global AP Processes

Watch a replay to learn more about:

  • Electronic invoicing adoption trends and mandates across the world 
  • Complying with invoicing regulations across different regions
  • Features and functionality offered in global AP automation software
  • Compliance support and local expertise offered by global AP solution providers


Making the Case for Digital Transformation: How CIO’s and CPO’s can push forward modernization efforts and the breakdown of silos in the organization

CPOs and CIOs are ideally situated to drive technological transformations forward, given their positions within the business as dual engines for the creation of efficiencies. With that said, doing so requires careful consideration, a wealth of great points, the right data, and perhaps most importantly, the courage to make the case.


The Importance of Trust when negotiating with ERP providers for Spend Management

Large software providers often bring with them very complex, multi-faceted licensing agreements. Anyone considering embarking on the journey of business transformation by incorporating modern-day business applications in their toolkit will inevitably find themselves negotiating with their large incumbent.

Watch this replay webinar with guest speaker, Duncan Jones, Vice President, and Principal Analyst at Forrester as he untangles the complexity, hidden challenges and areas of opportunity behind large ERP, HCM and CRM solution negotiations including the matter of indirect access which has become prevalent recently. If you have already begun a business transformation project or are planning to embark on one, this webinar is for you.


Three Measurable Success Goals in Spend Management

As a leading implementer of procurement technology solutions, KPMG LLP has worked closely with Coupa Software to draw upon their extensive industry experience to identify measurable spend management success goals to help drive maximum business impact and ROI.

Join us as Dipan Karumsi, U.S. Procurement Advisory Lead at KPMG LLP, Amit Duvedi, VP of Business Strategy at Coupa, as they discuss three measurable spend management success goals.


Present and future trends in global e-invoicing, tax compliance and automation

E-invoicing is a rapidly expanding technology. Whereas Latin American and many European and Asian countries are already considerably advanced in this field, a vast majority of organisations have not yet decided upon one system or service.

Join Bruno Koch, the author of the Billentis report, Markus Hornburg, VP Global Product Compliance at Coupa and Wim Goossens, Manager Global Purchase to Pay Project at Philip Morris International for a lively discussion on these 5 key areas that are being addressed in the most recent 2017 Billentis report.


The Power of an Intelligent and Agile T&E Solution

Watch our replay of Bryan Ball, VP and Group Director - Supply Chain and GSM of the Aberdeen Group and Sunny Manivannan, General Manager of Coupa Expenses,collaborate and present on T&E.

You know what represents the second largest expense (after salaries) for most companies? Travel & expense management. That’s why there is constant pressure to make T&E management processes ever more efficient. In this webinar, we will look at what separates the Leaders from everybody else when it comes to T&E management.


The Value of Internal Customer-centricity for Finance Leaders: Lessons from the Retail World

Presenters: Amy Fong, Associate Principal at The Hackett Group & Amit Duvedi, VP of Business Strategy at Coupa

Business leaders of all stripes may be familiar with the philosophy of customer-centricity embraced by retailers in recent years. From acquiring new customers and delivering a truly rewarding customer experience to creating a lifetime of customer loyalty, embracing customer centricity can be a game-changer in terms of achieving business results.


Who Will Be the Leaders in P2P Automation? Survey results revealed!

Is P2P automation making your life easier? Is it actually freeing up your team to focus on more strategic projects? Sharedserviceslink and Coupa conducted a survey to explore this. Register today to be the first to see the results including:

  • - The latest trends in P2P: including how 85% are moving towards touchless or straight-through invoice processing
  • - The top P2P pain points: 73% struggle with Purchase Order Problems and 79% have high rates of invoice exceptions: What technology and best practice are the top performers to address this?
  • - Secrets of the top-performers: 52% say technology is helping them focus on strategic,analytical work: what are the keys to their success?


Cutting Through the Noise: A Pragmatic Look At Artificial Intelligence's Impact On Spend Management

Presenter: Paddy Lawton, Founder of Spend360 now GM of Coupa Spend

"Artificial intelligence” and “machine learning” are popular buzzwords, but what do they specifically mean for spend management? During this webinar, we'll define the terms in plain English and give practical examples of how they are being used today. You'll leave with a good understanding of how AI and machine learning can transform data analysis and affect spend management initiatives, both now and in the future. Paddy Lawton will share real-world examples of how companies and individuals are using these techniques (and related ones, like hybrid machine learning and deep learning).


Modern Travel & Expense for Your Millennial Employees

By 2020, more than half of the global workforce will be millennials. Is your organization putting modern technology in the hands of the Snapchat generation? If not, are you at risk of losing your talent to an organization that will? Join our panelists for an informative, fast-paced session, where they will discuss the challenges involved in delighting millennial employees, while ensuring that organizations can see and control how much their employees spend on Travel and Expenses. Every registered attendee will also receive an info-graphic with the top 7 T&E tips.


Coupa and IMA - Webinar on AP Automation

Watch this webinar replay and learn AP automation and learn why organizations, whether international or domestic, must have a solid understanding of compliance in the invoicing process to achieve straight-through processing.


AP Automation and Invoice Compliance in a Global Economy

AP automation strengthens supplier relationships, uses resources more effectively, and reduces business risk - however organizations, whether international or domestic, must have a solid understanding of compliance in the invoicing process to achieve straight through processing.


Cutting through the Noise: A Pragmatic Look at Artificial Intelligence's impact on Spend Management

It seems like everywhere you look, artificial intelligence and machine learning are being talked about. During this live webinar, we'll cut through the noise and explore practical applications of machine learning in spend management.

Watch Replay >

Trends Facing Procurement Leaders in 2017

With procurement evolving into a much more strategic function as technology advances, spend management professionals are facing new challenges and opportunities. With the march toward the cloud continues, as does the drive to innovate with data how will 2017 impact today's procurement professional?

Watch Replay >

Public Procurement Performance – Leveraging Supplier Capabilities
In partnership with Public Spend Forum

In this webinar we will walk through some critical practices for realizing public procurement desired outcomes, and methods for leveraging supplier capabilities

Watch Replay >

Die neue Einfachheit der SAP-Integration von Procure-to-Pay-Cloud-Lösungen
In partnership with BME Leaders

Der BME und die Swiss Re Management Ltd. präsentieren Ihnen im BIP-Webinar am 08.12.2016, weshalb eine einfache ERP-Integration von P2P-Cloud-Lösungen entscheidend für eine hohe Benutzerakzeptanz im Unternehmen ist.

Watch Replay >

Big Ideas Shaping Supply in 2017
In partnership with Procurement Leaders

In this webinar we took a look at 2017 and what it holds, both from the perspective of how new technologies will change the procurement organization, but also how the supplier’s world is changing and what implications that will have for the buyer-seller relationship.

Watch Replay >

Purchase to Pay Navigator Report
In partnership with PayStream Advisors

In this webinar Jimmy LeFever, PayStream Advisors’ Research Director and Navigator model creator, and Donna Wilczek, VP of Strategy & Product Marketing at Coupa, reviewed the results of PayStream Advisors' forthcoming 2016 Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) Navigator report and discussed the latest P2P developments impacting organizations like yours.


CPO Roundtable: Strategies to Engage the CFO and Make Spend Management a Business Imperative
In partnership with Ardent Partners

In this webinar, a panel comprised of three procurement leaders will offer up a series of actionable recommendations that can help improve procurement performance in the near-term and help build a foundation for a productive and thriving, long-term finance-procurement partnership.


Keeping it Together: The Importance of Procurement and Finance Collaboration in a Cost-Conscious Environment
In partnership with The Faculty

In this webinar, experts from The Faculty interviewed Renee Harold and Ashley Carey from Ausdrill about how they developed best-practice collaboration between their functions in a cost-conscious environment.


Turbo Charge your ERP

In this webinar, guest speaker Duncan Jones, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester explored the importance behind reducing dependence on larger incumbent software solutions and the benefits a SaaS spend management solution can bring to any strategic spend initiative. Following Duncan’s industry overview, Mike Greenwood, Director – Accounting Information, USANA discussed how they extended their Oracle ERP with Coupa to drive user adoption and improve operational efficiency in their spend management processes.


How Technology Can Improve Public Procurement
In partnership with Public Spend Forum

In this webinar we walk through why so many organizations - from the smallest municipalities to the largest federal agencies - are looking toward procurement solutions to improve their effectiveness and achieve their desired outcomes.


Controlling Spend Without Choking Off Growth
In partnership with Purchasing Insight

Rapid business growth can be chaotic, but your financial and purchasing processes can’t afford to be. Can you implement more control without slowing the pace and limiting growth? In this webinar, Pete Loughlin of Purchasing Insight explored industry best practices to drive consistent growth while Burke Hill shared his experience implementing new systems and processes at insidesales.com.


The Digitalization of Procurement & Finance
In partnership with IDC

Now, more than ever, Procurement and IT leaders must join forces to drive innovative collaboration to achieve this evolving business need. In this webinar, Javier Carnevali (CPO) and Oscar Nafarrate (CIO) of Grupo Herdez provide a real-life case study highlighting the importance of the CPO and CIO relationship in next generation spend management and share their experiences and road to spend optimization as a team.


Why Procurement and IT Should NOT Select Procurement Technology
In partnership with Spend Matters

In this webinar, Spend Matters Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell and H&R Block VP Finance Todd Dooley discuss the journey toward value-based evaluation where internal stakeholders are a key part of the selection journey.


Digital Transformation & Spend Management

In this webinar we explore the impact digital transformation has on spend management. Patrick Connaughton from The Hackett Group presents a newly developed framework to help business leaders manage their digital transition while Paul Tuxford (CIO, Global Fund) discusses his experience with leveraging IT investments for success.


5 Metrics That a Successful Function Should Track
In partnership with Procurement Leaders

In this webinar, Geoff Parsons, former CPO for Deloitte Canada, discusses his experience transforming procurement organizations and operational processes by tracking metrics that deliver real, quantifiable value.


Addressing the Changing Landscape of M&A and Diversification
In partnership with Proformative

Explore the changing landscape of M&A and Diversification during this 1-hour webcast. Ron Pachura, VP of Finance Transformation for Fiserv, will discuss his experiences and give clear and practical advice you can use to help keep your sanity during the process.


Transform Sourcing from a Back-Office Function to a Source of Competitive Advantage
In partnership with SIG

Explore how you can make your sourcing team more strategic and enable them to avoid off-contract spend, garner the best pricing the market can offer and improve the acquisition process and supplier performance.


Analytics Deep Dive: Identify Opportunities and Eliminate Bottlenecks
In partnership with SIG

In this live webcast learn how you can deliver real time actionable insights that help you identify problems and make better spend decisions, while leveraging an intuitive interface for seamless reporting and greater visibility into your spend.


Everything you wanted to know about e-invoicing…but were too afraid to ask!
In partnership with Spend Matters UK

In this webinar, Peter Smith (Managing Editor, Spend Matters UK) and Markus Hornburg (VP, Coupa) explore important questions and considerations before starting an e-invoicing project.


Invoicing & Supplier Management – The Path to AP Automation
In partnership with SIG

How do you improve invoice efficiency and increase invoicing compliance? How do you strengthen supplier relationships with self-service options? How do you save your AP department valuable time that frees them up to be more strategic? In this webinar we explore these questions and more.


How Molina Healthcare created an end-to-end P2P process
In partnership with SharedServicesLink

Susie West (CEO, sharedserviceslink) and Bryce Berg (VP Business Services, Molina Healthcare) discuss how Molina was able to align processes, systems, KPIs and cultures across finance and procurement - and have reaped big rewards


Supplier Management – Your ERP Can’t Do It Alone

Amy Fong (Associate Principal, The Hackett Group) shares research on the Supplier Information Management (SIM) market while JR Miller (SVP Finance, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) describes how his organization is effectively tackling their supplier management challenges.


Financial Agility, Visibility, and Control – The Secret is SaaS
In partnership with CFO.com

Liz Herbert (VP, Forrester Research) and Mark Verbeck (CFO, Saba Software) discuss how, when and where should finance professionals consider SaaS for their growing operations.