A Seat at the Table

Sheryl Chamberlain
Sheryl Chamberlain
Director of Alliance, Coupa

Sheryl joined Coupa in January of 2020 as Director of Alliance. As a global technology executive, she has driven businesses to success, cultivated forward strategies, and aligned business goals. She's a leader who is able to revolutionize practices and change the paradigms of business. A key business asset in numerous major technology moves, strategies, and programs, she has built a reputation as an instrumental business partner and asset.

Beyond her executive influences and impactful strategies, Sheryl is an advocate for social impact and change. She has lent her insight and voice to numerous board seats and memberships with Aleria Research Council, Forbes Nonprofit Council, New York Academy of Science, How Women Lead, IMPCT Coffee, National Diversity Council, and The Dallas Entrepreneur Center. Additionally, Sheryl has earned numerous industry awards and recognition including Tribute to Women, (TWIN), Women in Technology from Dallas Business Journal, and Global Innovation Partner of the Year from EMC.

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A Seat at the Table

“Women’s History Month has passed, but the work of unleashing the impact of women in business never stops.” —Sheryl Chamberlain, Director of Alliances, Coupa

We started a movement called “Women of Impact” that highlights the work women are doing. In 2021, we knew that in order to make significant change each of us must earn a seat at the table in our respective areas. Who better to help guide us than international corporate public board members paying forward as they lead the way?

We kicked off this movement on International Women’s Day with three incredible leaders joining me. The panel included Coupa Board member Leslie Campbell and two of her colleagues, Nora Denzel and Dr. Homa Bahrami, both of whom also sit on public boards.

See a replay of the event "Women of Impact: A Seat at the Table."
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Coupa Empower wouldn’t create the impact we have today without our partners. Several partner organizations provided invaluable support in co-moderating breakout sessions after the panel discussion. Partner participation included: Aleria, Commvault, EAL Green, Evocadis, Fountain Blue, Freshworks, Greif, LTD Communications, National Diversity Council, New Business Strategies, Ventureneer, The W Marketplace, and Wonder Services.

Through their relationship and network, we delivered our first program to over 1100 registrants. This is a movement and we are on the journey forward together, a true community of impact. This event showcased the interest in how any of us, no matter where we are in our career journey, can earn a seat at the table.

View your career as a lattice, not a ladder

“A career lattice is better than a career ladder, and a lattice is much more likely to bring you to a point where you have developed skills in strategy, finance, and operations. In this way, we bring all of that acumen together in a way that you can speak knowledgeably and from deep experience. This is a perfect example of why a latticed career is so much richer than one that's just linear, straight up the ladder. It keeps your interests because you're learning new things.”  —Leslie Campbell, Corporate Board Director

Make sure your network knows your value

“It's not what you know, it's not who you know, it's who knows what you know.”  —Nora Denzel, Corporate Board Director

Curiosity Feeds Innovation

“I think of innovation as curiosity. Are you curious? Are you interested to ask the right questions? Do you want to ask questions? Because there's so much we can learn from the experience of other people that can really help us.”  —Dr. Homa Bahrami, Corporate Board Director and Senior Lecturer at Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, California

Imagine in 2022, every Coupa Empower partner inviting a woman on their board, who brings a fellow board member friend to the discussion. This is the power of a community of women in leadership. Join our movement to become an Empower Partner through your company.

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