Coupa Invoicing Management Accounts Payable for the Modern Enterprise

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Streamline Accounts Payable and Improve Cash Flow

Rescue your AP department with efficient, accurate, and timely e-invoicing processing. With Coupa Invoicing Management, you can free your accounts payable team to add strategic value to your business.
  • Reduce Paper Invoices

    Coupa’s Source-to-Pay solutions increase operational efficiency by digitizing manual processes. Get rid of paper invoices company-wide and increase e-invoicing to save time and improve accuracy.

  • Touchless Invoice Billing and Processing

    Matched invoices are automatically paid and billed to the right expense accounts to help you significantly reduce your cost-per-invoice.

  • Improve Working Capital Management

    Capitalize on early payment discounts or stretch days payable outstanding in order to conserve cash.

  • Reduce Paper Invoices
  • Touchless Invoice Billing and Processing
  • Improve Working Capital Management
2020 Payables Insight Report from Levvel Research: A Buyer’s Guide to Accounts Payable Automation Software

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E-Invoicing Options for Every Supplier
Give suppliers of all sizes a variety of options for electronic invoicing — all without fees. Increase e-invoicing adoption for top suppliers and also infrequently used non-preferred suppliers across PO-backed, contract-backed, and non-PO invoices.
Multi-level Validation for Full Automation
Set invoice matching tolerance levels so that reviewers are only involved when necessary. Reviewers can approve directly from mobile devices and receive automated reminders to reduce manual follow-up. Benchmarking and trend analysis helps you identify bottlenecks to reduce cost-per-invoice.
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Full Invoice Data Extraction
Immediately add invoice automation to AP’s email inbox, saving time and reducing errors while minimizing the burden on your suppliers. Leverage templates across the Coupa community to extend full invoice data extraction automation to PDF invoices emailed from supplier systems.
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Intelligent Fraud Detection
Powered by Coupa Community Intelligence, Spend Guard leverages the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to detect errors and fraud automatically across all business spend to manage risk efficiently and effectively.
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Compliant Invoicing
For global businesses, keeping up with changing regulations can be tricky and managing suppliers across borders only adds confusion. Coupa's Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) makes it easier. Now you can automatically validate country-specific requirements before issuing an invoice.
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The Power of Suite Synergy

Unlock more value from your invoicing spend with Coupa's suite of seamlessly integrated BSM applications.
Invoicing + Procurement
Achieve greater spend control and AP efficiency with pre-approved spend and an easy-to-adopt supplier experience.
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Invoicing + Spend Guard
Stop fraudulent or duplicate invoicing spend before it happens with Spend Guard’s real-time business spend monitoring.
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Invoicing + Pay
Optimize invoice payments within Coupa with Coupa Pay and enable your business to spend and pay smarter.
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Scaling a Global Pharmaceutical Business with Coupa P2P
Ionis Pharmaceuticals had plans to go global but wanted to stay small and agile, so they had to find ways to amplify their capabilities. Coupa was just what the doctor ordered, delivering digital P2P to help free up resources and accelerate growth.
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