Coupa Contract Lifecycle Management Streamlined Contracting for Increased Value and Decreased Risk

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Accelerate and Operationalize Every Contract

Contracts underpin your revenue and spend and define your rights and obligations. Coupa CLM improves provides control and efficiency across the entire contract lifecycle.
  • Minimize Contract Risk

    Give end users a guided experience to ensure appropriate protections while mitigating contracting risks. Streamline maintenance with mass updates.

  • Improve Contracting Efficiency

    Give end users a guided experience to ensure appropriate protections while highlighting risks for legal review. Streamline maintenance with mass updates.

  • Maximize Value of Contracts

    Seamlessly connect contracts with all aspects of spend management to shorten the time-to-realize benefits, ensure compliance, and realize maximum value.

  • Minimize Contract Risk
  • Improve Contracting Efficiency
  • Maximize Value of Contracts
Whitepaper: Results from The Hackett Group's Contract Lifecycle Management Study

Explore Contract Lifecycle Management

Intelligently Draft Every Contract
Enable self-service contracting for users with customizable smart templates and and clause libraries that power an intuitive, dynamic “interview” for fast and secure creation of any agreement type.
Streamline Collaboration with Workflows
Powerful workflows enable efficient collaboration for negotiations, internal contract review, and approval to ensure strict control and capture audit trail. Embedded workflow triggers automatically route high-risk terms for review.
Accelerate Negotiations Using MS Word
Reduce the time to negotiate, approve, and finalized drafted contracts by giving Legal and others the full benefits of the clause library and workflow within the most-commonly used contracting tool: Microsoft Word.
Operationalize Buy-Side Contracts
Accelerate contracting of new sourcing awards by automatically pushing bid data to contracts. Immediately pass new contracts into purchasing to ensure employees are buying against the latest terms and then automatically validate invoices against contracted pricing to ensure value capture.
Get Visibility Into Every Contract
Capture every contract — whether on your paper or not — in a single repository for company-wide visibility including a prevailing terms view that summarizes the state of the current agreement across multiple contracts with a single counterparty.
Understand Risk Across All Contracts
Maintain tight control of contract risk with bult-in risk scoring both during the drafting process and post-execution to provide consistent risk maintenance across all contracts.
Execute Contract Updates at Scale
Coupa's structured contract data and processes let you address business needs quickly by amending, re-papering, or terminating thousands of contracts at once with minimal time and resources.
Optimize Your Contracting Process
Automated contract milestone alerts and customizable dashboards allow close tracking of important dates to minimize service disruptions, while KPI reports identify any inefficiencies in your contracting process.

The Power of Suite Synergy

Unlock more value from your contracts with Coupa's suite of seamlessly integrated BSM applications.
Contract Management + Supplier Management
Gain full visibility into supplier risk or performance issues, while avoiding contracts with un-vetted suppliers.
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Contract Management + Sourcing
Seamlessly draft agreements based on sourcing results to save time and drive savings immediately.
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Contract Management + Procurement
Incorporate contracts and catalogs directly into guided buying to maximize spend-on-contract and value delivered.
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