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5 Change Management Tips to Ensure a Successful T&E Implementation

Last month, a few members of Coupa’s expense management team embarked on our first-ever road trip, spanning six states, 3,000+ miles, and a whole lot of fast food meals. We rented an SUV, packed up our trusty mascot Edgar the Eagle, and spent two weeks on an epic loop through…Read blog post

For e-invoicing success, get compliance officers on board early

We have talked in previous posts about best practices for implementing e-invoicing—assessing your organization, designing it as a P2P project, and bringing in a global project manager. But, even organizations who have done all of this can still run into one last hurdle that could cause the project to suffer…Read blog post

How Finance will benefit from the third wave of expense management innovation

In my previous post, I outlined how we are entering the third wave of innovation in travel expense management solutions. Whereas the first two waves of innovation in expense management were mainly about shifting work from one type of tool or one device to another, the third wave is about…Read blog post

Riding the third wave of travel and expense management innovation

While solutions to help employees manage their travel-related expenses have evolved steadily over the past two decades, innovation in the space has really accelerated in the last five years. Never have organizations of all sizes had so many options to choose from. As Gartner points out in their 2017 Market…Read blog post

Fintechs offer cross-border B2B payments to support SMEs global ambitions

It used to be that only big companies did business internationally. In the past few years, increasing globalization, reduced trade barriers, the internet, and new business platforms such as eBay and Alibaba have made cross-border trade more accessible and affordable. Now it’s much more common for SMEs to also do…Read blog post