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How CFOs can see the future

Each day, CFOs are asked to predict the future. What will the company revenues be next quarter? What will earnings be for the year? Where can I get the maximum return for each incremental dollar invested? For finance professionals that lack paranormal capabilities, becoming what I call an “operational…Read blog post

How e-invoicing will close the VAT gap and change the world

Ten years ago, the VAT gap—the difference between the value added tax governments should collect based on business transactions going on in their country, and what they actually do collect—was a side note to economic discussions in most countries. Now, because of the shortage of money within governments across Europe,closing the…Read blog post

Zero-based budgeting revival: What’s different this time around

Over the past several years, zero-based budgeting has been enjoying a renaissance of sorts. In contrast to the traditional budgeting process, where managers take historical budgets as a starting point, and add or cut by a percentage depending on the business climate and the company’s goals, with zero-based budgeting, all…Read blog post

How to get the most benefits from your corporate card program

  • November 16, 2017
  • |
  • Ethan Laub and Maggie Joy
  •  |
  • Finance & AP
Corporate card programs have many benefits for both employees and companies. Employees don’t have to pay out of pocket for travel and other expenses, and wait for reimbursement. The company gets more control and visibility into what is being spent, and can benefit financially from rebates from the corporate card…Read blog post

5 Change Management Tips to Ensure a Successful T&E Implementation

Last month, a few members of Coupa’s expense management team embarked on our first-ever road trip, spanning six states, 3,000+ miles, and a whole lot of fast food meals. We rented an SUV, packed up our trusty mascot Edgar the Eagle, and spent two weeks on an epic loop through…Read blog post