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7 things executives need to know to capitalize on payments automation

Payments don’t get a lot of attention in the C-suite. That’s not too surprising, since making payment happens long after the important strategic decisions have been made. As long as cash flow is good, and vendors aren’t calling looking for their money, most executives assume all is well.  …Read blog post

2018 Note to CFOs: It’s still all about the data

A couple years ago, you could hardly read a business or finance article that didn’t mention big data. That hype has died down, and the new buzzword is artificial intelligence. Sure, we’re going to see more AI applications than we have in previous years, in a relative sense. But, when…Read blog post

How CFOs can see the future

Each day, CFOs are asked to predict the future. What will the company revenues be next quarter? What will earnings be for the year? Where can I get the maximum return for each incremental dollar invested? For finance professionals that lack paranormal capabilities, becoming what I call an “operational…Read blog post

How e-invoicing will close the VAT gap and change the world

Ten years ago, the VAT gap—the difference between the value added tax governments should collect based on business transactions going on in their country, and what they actually do collect—was a side note to economic discussions in most countries. Now, because of the shortage of money within governments across Europe,closing the…Read blog post

Zero-based budgeting revival: What’s different this time around

Over the past several years, zero-based budgeting has been enjoying a renaissance of sorts. In contrast to the traditional budgeting process, where managers take historical budgets as a starting point, and add or cut by a percentage depending on the business climate and the company’s goals, with zero-based budgeting, all…Read blog post