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Coupa Inspire CFO Panel

What’s on CFOs’ minds? Plenty, according to “The Strategic CFO in a Rapidly Changing World,” a study by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) sponsored by Coupa. There’s the deluge of data, which is driving an increased focus on automation and cross functional collaboration as organizations seek to prepare to use…Read blog post

Digital transformation and the big new role of the CFO

Digital transformation has risen to the top of the corporate agenda, and companies are increasingly looking to CFOs to take the lead in setting strategies for data and technology. So what can CFOs do to advance digital transformation? Coupa CFO Todd Ford recently shared his thoughts on that topic with…Read blog post

Show me the money (or at least tell me where it’s being spent)

Today, we kick off Inspire ’18, a gathering of more than 2,000 finance and procurement leaders from around the world to be part of the largest business spend management (BSM) conference in North America. And as mentioned last week, we will be sharing the results of a survey by The Economist…Read blog post

7 things executives need to know to capitalize on payments automation

Payments don’t get a lot of attention in the C-suite. That’s not too surprising, since making payment happens long after the important strategic decisions have been made. As long as cash flow is good, and vendors aren’t calling looking for their money, most executives assume all is well.  …Read blog post

2018 Note to CFOs: It’s still all about the data

A couple years ago, you could hardly read a business or finance article that didn’t mention big data. That hype has died down, and the new buzzword is artificial intelligence. Sure, we’re going to see more AI applications than we have in previous years, in a relative sense. But, when…Read blog post