Coupa Spend Analysis Get Visibility and Control Over All Your Spend

Everything You Need to Optimize Your Spend

Coupa Spend Analysis provides a single lens for all your business spend. Use AI-powered insights to benchmark performance and get suggestions on how to get to the next level.
  • Leverage AI for Spend Analysis

    Compare organizational performance against your peers and get AI-powered prescriptions from Coupa to get more value out of your business spend.

  • Optimize Business Results

    Track progress against KPIs across Business Spend Management, set goals, and improve over time with Coupa's flexible configurations.

  • Accelerate Time to Value

    Coupa's integrated platform provides a single, comprehensive lens for visibility into all your spend to ensure you can maximize your ROI as quickly as possible.

  • Spend Analysis with Community-Powered Insights
  • Optimize Business Results with Spend Visibility
  • Spend Analytics Software that Accelerates Time to Value
Explore the Power of Spend to Reshape Business with CPO Michael van Keulen

Enhance Your Spend Analysis

Explore how our Business Spend Management suite can enhance, extend, and empower your spend analysis efforts.

Detailed Visibility Into BSM Processes

Coupa Advanced Spend Analytics Software provides easy-to-use spend analysis solutions. Understand all of your business spend and easily create new dashboards and reports to suit your business needs without the need for extensive technical skills.

Identify Suspicious Spend in Real Time

Spend Guard reduces your dependency on fraud auditing services — and can even replace them. As a powerful safety net that extends across all of your business spend, Spend Guard helps you identify fraudulent spend more accuracy and less effort.
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The Power of the Coupa Community leverages AI and advanced analytics on over $4T of spend data from the Coupa community to prescribe instant insights that help companies get more value out of their spend, reduce risk, and improve efficiency.

Identify Savings Opportunities

Coupa AI Spend Classification cuts out manual classification work with AI/ML to standardize, classify, and enrich spend across spend and ERP systems. Get actionable spend visibility to identify savings opportunities.
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Bass Pro Shops
Bass Pro Shops Realizes Acquisition Synergies with Business Spend Management
Bass Pro engaged Coupa’s Spend Analysis capabilities to give its team the visibility needed to realize its acquisition synergy goals and reap the business benefit of spend visibility across the growing company.
Learn About Bass Pro Shops and Coupa