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The focus: How procurement leaders can best manage their digitization journey to effectively deliver value across the organization. The event: At the recent SIG Procurement Technology Summit, Coupa VP of Procurement Michael Van Keulen joined Alpar Kamber, Head of Procurement Services at WNS – a next-generation procurement services provider – for an…Read blog post
Understanding Contract Lifecycle Management Every business has contracts. They form the foundation of any enterprise, influencing revenues, expenses, workflows and virtually every other operational aspect of the company. And as a business grows, so does the number of contracts that need to be managed. Contract lifecycle management, or CLM,…Read blog post
The Hackett Group, CrossCountry Consulting, and Acquis Consulting Group are seasoned experts at helping businesses implement e-procurement and digital procure-to-pay (P2P) business spend management solutions. Given their immense experience “in the trenches,” we here at Coupa thought we’d pick their collective brains about what they’re seeing as the most…Read blog post
As organizations move to adopt leading technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual and augmented reality, the question arises as to who should be involved in sourcing suppliers and negotiating deals for them. Having now worked with a few companies on these types of projects, I see a leading…Read blog post
Supplier payment terms are extending to historic lengths—an average of 66 days globally—wreaking havoc on supply chains as even well-established businesses close up shop due to cash flow problems. Tighter credit since the Great Recession and the increasing globalization of supply chains are driving demand for better supply chain…Read blog post