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Opportunity knocks, but procurement must skill up to answer, Deloitte CPO Survey finds

Earlier this year, Deloitte released its Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey 2018. This marks the seventh anniversary of Deloitte’s CPO survey, which this year collected input on a wide range of themes and challenges from 504 procurement leaders representing 39 countries with combined annual revenues of $5.5 trillion. Ryan…Read blog post

How to discover new suppliers using community intelligence

You would think that in the age of the internet, companies would have no trouble finding suppliers for just about anything they might need for their business. It turns out it’s not so simple. Internet searches can turn up potential suppliers, but are those suppliers financially sound? Can they ship…Read blog post

How procurement can deploy bots effectively

Bots are gaining adoption for front end business process such as customer service. Finance organizations are also looking at bots as a way to automate repetitive, rules-based tasks, and they could serve the same purpose in procurement organizations. The name “bots” is somewhat deceiving, as what we are really talking…Read blog post

Could Buying Online Be a Catalyst For a Government Procurement Transformation?

The rest of the world has been buying online for a long time now, and with Congressional permission, our government agencies will finally get to try it out. A section included in the annual defense authorization bill allows the Pentagon and other government agencies to buy directly from online…Read blog post

Expert words of encouragement for the journey to digital procurement

  • March 20, 2018
  • |
  • Chris Bansbach, Kristin Ruehle, Alison Detwiler and Tom Fahey
  •  |
  • Procurement
Digital procurement has become a competitive necessity. Without it, organizations will be hard pressed to shift to the new business models of the future.However, getting there is a multi-step process, and one that companies need to start now.   In a four-part series on The Intelligent Operations Blog, experts in…Read blog post