Coupa Inventory Management Optimize Spend With Smarter Inventory Usage

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Inventory Management

Improve Your Inventory Management to Spend Smarter

You can't optimize spend if you don't use current inventory. Coupa Inventory provides your organization with real-time visibility into inventory availability to reduce redundant and wasteful spend.

  • Eliminate Wasteful Spend

    Limit overbuying and prevent excess stock from building up. Trim overall costs by reducing repurchases and waste.

  • Streamline Stockroom Management

    Gain visibility into on-hand balances and automate inventory fulfillment with Coupa Inventory Management.

  • Gain Visibility Into Inventory

    Track and manage inventory levels more effectively. Replenish stock at the right time and minimize carrying costs by reducing excess inventory.

  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Management

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Explore Coupa for Inventory Management

Leverage a Simplified Buying Experience
Provide a consumer-like shopping experience to employees within one interface. Avoid duplicate orders and unnecessary POs.
Achieve Real-Time Visibility
Provide a singular shoppable inventory when ordering. Guide employees to inventory from approved suppliers or limit items to internal warehouses to reduce excess inventory.
Drive Fulfillment Service Levels
Control order processing and efficiently manage your direct spend. Increase warehouse worker efficiencies and strike a balance between supply and demand
Actionable Insights
Obtain actionable insights into inventory, stock levels, and usage. Gain spend visibility into internal and external orders in one system and find new opportunities to optimize your inventory.
Optimize Operating Efficiencies
Integrate inventory management into the procurement process to reduce redundant spend and optimize direct spend.