Coupa Procurement Management Purchasing Sophistication Meets Consumer-Like Experience

Get Visibility and Control of Your Spend With the Best Procurement Management Software Everyone Loves

Bring the ease of consumer shopping to your procurement process experience. With company-wide adoption, you'll achieve full visibility and control while saving your employees valuable time.
  • Maximize Spend Under Management

    Simplify your purchase requisition and order processes and track them in real time to get the most pre-approved spend flowing through the procurement system.

  • Gain Visibility and Control

    By maximizing pre-approved spend, you gain complete visibility of your entire purchase-to-pay processes and the control you need to ensure compliance.

  • Modern Intake & Orchestration

    With an intuitive request experience and elegant approval workflow engine, adoption happens naturally for every employee and supplier. Maximizing adoption means maximizing value.

  • Maximize Spend Under Procurement Management
  • Gain Visibility and Control of your Procurement Software
  • Modern Intake & Orchestration
How Mature Is Your Procurement Organization?

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Intelligent Intake

Coupa helps your employees find what they need, surfacing preferred products and services to alert employees to discounted pricing and other advantageous terms.
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Seamless Shopping Experience With Open Buy

Coupa Open Buy, delivered seamlessly within Coupa Procure, reduces rogue spending and increases savings by providing a centralized area to compare items across all your suppliers for both punchouts and hosted catalogs.

Easy SOW-Based Spend Management

With Coupa procurement management software, you can guide employees to enter the right data for SOW-based services through flexible forms and provide spot-buy capabilities when it makes sense to do so. Allow providers to submit timesheets and work details online to track delivery and service performance.
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Track Spend Against Budgets

Provide real-time budget management to understand budget impact before approval. Real-time dashboards, or budget meters, for each budget item track current spend against goals. Know whether there's sufficient budget before committing spend.

Detect Fraud Intelligently With Spend Guard

Manage third-party risk more efficiently and effectively by leveraging the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to detect errors and fraud automatically across all your business spend.
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Accelerate Approval

Speed up your approval process with email and mobile approvals. Everyone in the approval chain can check the status of purchasing requisitions and approve or reject anywhere in the world on any device with Coupa's procurement management software.
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Streamline Order Management With a Complete Purchasing Software

Streamline your purchasing requisition and purchase order processes. Coupa Procure purchasing software lets you easily track and manage purchase orders in real time, reducing cycle time and costs. Guide users to on-contract goods or services while providing flexible configuration rules to achieve compliance.
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Reduce Excess Stock With Inventory Management

Provide your organization real-time visibility into inventory availability and reduce redundant and wasteful spend with Coupa's procurement solutions.
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Store Contracts and Ensure Spend Compliance

Leverage a central repository to easily find and access your contracts. Realize cost savings with proactive contract management and contract enforcement at the time of purchase so you always get the discounts you negotiated.
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Work Smarter with Your Suppliers

Improve the efficiency of your procurement process and avoid unplanned downtime by giving your suppliers greater visibility into your purchase orders. Know exactly where materials are in the order lifecycle in real time, enable suppliers to confirm availability by order line, and get quick notifications of disruptions with easy-to-use dashboards.
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Power your Procurement System with Suite Synergy

Unlock more value from your procurement spend with Coupa's suite of seamlessly integrated BSM applications.

Procurement + Contract Lifecycle Management

Ensure spend compliance and realize cost savings with proactive contract enforcement.
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Procurement + Contingent Workforce

Increase visibility and control with a unified platform for all product and services purchases.
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Procurement + Supplier Risk Management

Fully evaluate supplier risk factors before deciding whether to move forward with a purchase.
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