The Time is Now for Business Spend Management Transformation

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The Time is Now for Business Spend Management Transformation

Learn how leaders are setting measurable goals and using benchmarks from industry-wide community data to deliver more value to their businesses by viewing The Time is Now for Business Spend Management Transformation. The on-demand webinar features a lively, Coupa-hosted panel discussion with three stellar executives, including the chief procurement officers from Ally Financial and John Lewis along with Coupa’s chief financial officer, Todd Ford.

The webinar’s focus was on how last year’s events elevated the urgency for a digital Business Spend Management (BSM) strategy and toolset, and how key metrics can help you become better prepared to respond to risk and improve your control and visibility over spend, breaking down silos and unifying systems and people in the quest to spend smarter together.

Benchmarks help you spend smarter by showing you where inefficiencies most impact your performance. Without that information in hand, you just don’t know where to best focus your improvement efforts.

Benchmark your digital transformation across procurement and finance with Coupa’s 2021 Benchmark Report, From Resilience to Renewal — 16 Metrics to Help You Spend Smarter and Prevail Over Uncertainty.

The webinar includes an outstanding overview of BSM, followed by a discussion on why executives and boards today are recognizing the full power and value of BSM. By breaking down silos, BSM enables you to unify systems and harmonize processes to improve both agility and resiliency.

Additional topics covered include how visibility and control over addressable spend is key to managing costs, why digital leaders are better prepared to respond to future risks, and why now is the time for investment in a digital BSM strategy that drives long-term stakeholder value.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear an expert panel discuss how leaders are using KPIs and benchmarks to deliver more value to their businesses.