Top 7 Reasons to Build a CoupaLink Certified Business App

Avijit Mukherji
Avijit Mukherji
Head of CoupaLink Solution Consulting, Coupa Software

Avijit Mukherji is Head of CoupaLink Solution Consulting. He is passionate about Technology, Business Spend Management and making customers and partners successful.

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Top 7 Reasons to Build a CoupaLink Certified Business App

The Coupa App Marketplace offers hundreds of verified, certified apps designed to integrate with customers' existing Coupa deployments. Behind the scenes of this substantial software selection is the CoupaLink Partner Program, which works with development partners and solution providers to deploy value-driven applications and integrations for Coupa customers.

Have a great idea for an app that would benefit Coupa customers? Here are the top 7 reasons to create a CoupaLink certified app.

7. Leverage open architecture

Coupa recognizes the value and versatility of an open architecture. As a result, the CoupaLink program is open to integration with apps of any type — using Coupa APIs and embedded application frameworks, developers and solution providers can easily create apps that align with the Coupa ecosystem that are natively secure and scalable.

Coupa's open architecture allows customers to integrate any external application on the market. Coupa's services can integrate with limitless types of software applications — from financial/ERP, to HR, to Inventory Management, and much more.

6. Get expert support

CoupaLink can help empower both the strategic and tactical aspects of the application building process. This all starts with the CoupaLink Solution Consulting team: partners and developers complete a summary document that provides an overview of application features and functions. Then, the CoupaLink team helps you explore possible use cases, design requirements, building challenges, and testing frameworks. By addressing all aspects of the software development lifecycle, companies can shorten the time between app submission and when their software is ready for deployment on the Coupa App Marketplace.

5. Gain consumer confidence

With a host of Coupa resources available through the CoupaLink Partner Program, your company can create a world-class app that's certified by Coupa. The result is a verified and validated app that demonstrates your commitment to quality and can help gain consumer confidence, which, in turn, can boost your business.

This is especially critical in a business world empowered by applications — with staff now relying on multiple applications for most payment processes, the risk of insecure apps is on the rise. Even small software vulnerabilities or component weak points can provide access opportunities for attackers; with apps certified by the CoupaLink team, customers can download and install confidently — knowing it has been thoroughly vetted for potential security issues.

4. Create value for your customers

More than $4 trillion worth of spend flows through the Coupa platform, with thousands of customers across the globe using the Coupa platform to power their business spend management (BSM). The result is a massive opportunity for partners to create value — both for themselves and for customers — by working with Coupa to create best-of-breed apps to streamline key spending processes.

With top market performers now processing 99.2% of orders and 83.2% of invoices electronically, the move to digital BSM solutions is accelerating. CoupaLink helps put your software front and center in this shift.

3. Leverage Coupa’s co-marketing strategy

Creating an app within the CoupaLink ecosystem also provides access to co-marketing opportunities for select partner tiers. Partners get access to joint marketing strategy development with Coupa’s channel marketing lead, along with the development of co-branded campaign materials. The result? You can leverage Coupa's industry-leading reputation to help co-market your app, which creates greater market opportunity.

2. Be featured in a growing marketplace

The recently-launched Coupa App Marketplace is rapidly growing. As a one-stop shop for Coupa-certified apps, the Marketplace makes it easy for customers to find what they need when they need it. 

Available apps run the gamut of business spend services. For example, SourceDay's Supplier Collaboration Network provides a holistic view of both direct and indirect spend management, while the Kofax ReadSoft Online solution is designed to automate invoicing in the cloud to help reduce error rates and enhance processing speed. The Vertex Tax Engine, meanwhile, offers scalable software that helps ensure your tax calculations are accurate, which, in turn, allows your tax department to focus on other tax management functions.

1. Sell to Coupa’s growing customer base

Companies can also engage with Coupa’s sales organizations to drive demand and reach Coupa’s growing customer base. This is especially beneficial if your app proves to be popular on the Coupa App Marketplace, since along with driving traffic to your brand, engaging through CoupaLink may provide an additional revenue stream. Extensive opportunities are available for select partner tiers.

Ready to create a CoupaLink certified app?

Creating an app through CoupaLink helps ensure the confidence Coupa wants to provide for its customers. We want our partners to build something that brings value to our customers by understanding customer needs and challenges. Based on their knowledge and experience, the CoupaLink team helps ensure the certified apps benefit both partners and customers alike.

Visit CoupaLink to learn more about the program, benefits, requirements, and how to get started on building a CoupaLink certified app.