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Enterprise Contract Management Software

Advanced Contract Lifecycle Management

   Advanced Contract Management with Coupa

Enterprise Contract Management Software

Advanced Contract Lifecycle Management

   Advanced Contract Management with Coupa

Accelerate and Operationalize Every Contract

Contracts underpin your revenue and spend and define your rights and obligations, but contracting processes are often inefficient and departmentally siloed. Coupa Contract Management provides control and efficiency to the entire contract lifecycle and allows contracts to be operationalized for maximum value enterprise-wide.

Improve Productivity for Scarce Legal Resources

Do more with less by automating your contract authoring, negotiation, storage, and post-execution management.

Understand and Reduce Risk Across All Contracts

Reduce risk at the source with compliant contracts and closely monitor ongoing risk with portfolio-wide reports.

Maximize the Value of All Contract Negotiations

Operationalize your contracts to fully realize the negotiated prices and terms and get instant access to business-critical terms and obligations.

Product Features

Intelligently Draft Every Contract

Customizable smart templates and clause libraries power an intuitive and dynamic “interview” for fast and secure creation of any contract type – no matter how complex – with built-in workflows for even greater risk mitigation.

Feature 1

Comprehensive Workflows with Contract Tracking

Powerful workflows enable streamlined collaboration for internal contract approvals and negotiations right within the platform, ensuring strict controls and comprehensive audit trails.

Feature 2

Real-Time Version Control by Term

With reviewer history, automatic redlines, and permissioned notation and approvals, easily track changes and maintain a complete audit trail.

Feature 3

Easily Access Every Contract

A single global repository securely stores and manages your entire contract portfolio. Contract hierarchies and data roll-up functionality provides instant access to prevailing terms, allowing for even tighter monitoring of spend.

Feature 4

Operationalize Your Contracts with Spend

Pass contractual line items into your purchasing systems to ensure employees are buying off the contract with selected vendors.

Feature 5

Understand All Contractual Risk

Maintain tight control of contractual risk with data normalization, built-in risk scoring, and customizable reports.

Feature 6

Get Visibility into Contract Expiration and Spend

Never miss a deadline or important event with highly configurable compliance rules providing automated reminders and alerts.

Feature 7

Digitize Your Existing Contracts

Capture and model the data from legacy and third-party contracts for unprecedented visibility across your entire portfolio. Smart Extract is available as an add-on to CLM Advanced.

Feature 7