Coupa Intake Easily Find and Buy What You Need

Coupa Intake

Drive More Spend Under Management with Ease

Coupa's user-friendly procurement experience drives higher levels of spend under management while helping empolyees make the right purchasing decisions, with confidence. Learn More
  • Industry-Leading Intake Experience

    Intelligent Intake blends both on-catalog and off-catalog purchasing to effortlessly guide the user to the right next step, regardless of whether they are requesting a catalog item, service, or software.

  • Policy Compliance Made Easy

    Coupa's procurement solution embeds your purchasing requisition policies directly in the buying experience, making it easy for employees to be compliant.

  • Elegant Workflow Orchestration

    Coupa orchestrates the people, data, and systems needed to get the request processed using apowerful workflow engine that can be tailored to your business with no coding required.

  • Industry-Leading Intake Experience
  • Policy Compliance Made Easy
  • Increased Operational Efficiencies
How Exactly Does Coupa Add Business Value?

Explore Coupa's Intake Experience

Create a Seamless Buying Experience

When your employees have a need, Coupa's e-procurement system gently guides them towards filling that need in the right way. From surfacing preferred items to the top of search results to taking account of contracted benefits such as preferred pricing and volume discounts, doing the right thing is easy for users with Coupa.

Leverage Embedded Policies

Rather than hoping that employees study purchasing requisition policies in an employee handbook or intranet, Coupa Procure embeds your purchasing requisition policies directly into the buying experience. Purchasing requisition policies are seamlessly displayed to users within the application screens where appropriate.

Improve Budget Visibility

With Coupa budget management, both requestors and approvers can quickly understand the budget impact of a request before making a decision. A simple table summarizes the budget remaining, the impact of the request, and any other in-flight requests.

Increase Contract Compliance

Ensure employees are buying on-contract with preferred vendors by automatically passing contractual line items to purchasing at the time of requisition creation.

AI-Driven Community Recommendations

Deliver a consumer-like search and buying experience with community-informed recommendations for items and vendors displayed directly within search results. Make smarter spending decisions with Community Insights from the Coupa Procurement community.