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Supply Chain Modeler

Continually Optimize Supply Chain Performance to Achieve Your Business Objectives

Consistently develop and adapt optimal supply chain structures, policies, and flows through the analysis of digital models fueled by powerful algorithmic engines.
  • Enable Data-Driven Supply Chain Decisions

    Answer tough supply chain questions with confidence. Optimize for the right variables and evaluate complex scenarios in support of the best choices.

  • Drastically Improve Modeler Productivity

    Increase the bandwidth of your modeling team through powerful, efficient, and collaborative workflows.

  • Continually Adapt to the World Around You

    Rapidly respond to supply chain disruptions. Leverage sensitivity analysis to identify vulnerabilities and be ready with a playbook before events occur.

  • Enable Data-Driven Supply Chain Decisions
  • Drastically Improve Modeler Productivity
  • Continually Adapt to the World Around You
Harvard Business Review Brief: Building the Next Generation of Resilient Supply Chains

Reduce Your Time to Make Smarter Decisions

Explore the transformation of supply chain design and analysis from a one-off project into consistent and repeatable processes, unlocking the potential to continually answer design questions at the pace of change.

Support Global Design with a Living Data Model

Be ready for anything with this lowest common denominator of supply chain data for continuous decision support. Manually or automatically connect, cleanse, and harmonize data, enabling instant access to information from across your supply chain systems, data lakes, and external data points at any time.

Streamline Model Building and Analysis

Rapidly build models using pre-configured aggregation strategies, use case templates, and intuitive scenario analysis. This leads to less front-end model building and more time for analyzing and distributing the insights fueling continuous decisions.

Power Design Across the Enterprise

Solve larger problems and run models simultaneously within our cloud environment. Your modelers will be more closely connected to other modelers, data engineering, and end users allowing for enhanced collaboration and information sharing among relevant stakeholders across the enterprise.

Solve Complex Problems with Ease

Benefit from the most mature supply chain design engines. Our algorithmic approaches to network optimization, inventory optimization, transportation optimization, and simulation have been battle tested in thousands of customer models and are continually enhanced to adapt to changing use cases.

Solve Any Problem that Comes Your Way

Maintain an agile design practice with the help of our flexible use case environment. Easily formulate the right model framework for constantly evolving design questions including network strategy, transportation routing, production optimization, cost to serve analysis and much more.