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The Hackett Group, CrossCountry Consulting, and Acquis Consulting Group are seasoned experts at helping businesses implement e-procurement and digital procure-to-pay (P2P) business spend management solutions. Given their immense experience “in the trenches,” we here at Coupa thought we’d pick their collective brains about what they’re seeing as the most…Read blog post
A company was charged for an unauthorized $30,000 squirrel hunting trip. You read that right – squirrel hunting. A logistics company unknowingly paid a supplier that didn’t exist to maintain infrastructure that didn’t exist. The AP team at a technology company received an invoice for goods never purchased.…Read blog post
  • January 31, 2019
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Coupa hit many milestones in 2018, not the least of which was hiring our first Chief Procurement Officer, Dina Ghobrial. Born in Cairo, Egypt, Dina spent most of her childhood in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, returning to Egypt to attend the American University in Cairo, where she attained her…Read blog post
What’s the best way for a company to take on digital transformation? If you had asked me that two years ago, I would have said something completely different than what I’m about to tell you now. Two years ago, most of my career experience was at the big consulting…Read blog post
During a recession, revenue is anything but guaranteed. So, in order to stay profitable, companies usually focus inward on reducing costs. However, many businesses do this quite bluntly— they scale back, change their growth plans, downsize, and lay off workers. While these drastic measures are sometimes necessary, there…Read blog post