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How to succeed at business spend management

  • January 24, 2018
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  • Amit Duvedi
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  • Coupa
We are proud to release the Coupa Benchmark for 2018. This report contains data on the results that top performing companies are achieving in 12 critical areas of the Business Spend Management (BSM) process using the Coupa platform. In BSM, as in all areas of human endeavor, benchmarks are invaluable…Read blog post

How mid-markets can get started with vendor risk management

When you're a small company, in the hierarchy of risks, vendor risk is near the bottom. As a mid-market company, there’s a growing awareness that vendor risk needs to be managed. Brand reputation, competitive advantage and company finances are all at stake. You may not have a lot of vendors,…Read blog post

How e-invoicing will close the VAT gap and change the world

Ten years ago, the VAT gap—the difference between the value added tax governments should collect based on business transactions going on in their country, and what they actually do collect—was a side note to economic discussions in most countries. Now, because of the shortage of money within governments across Europe,closing the…Read blog post

Experts share 9 surprising ways P2P will advance this year

2018 looks to be banner year for sourcing and procure to pay. The field has been on a decade-long trajectory of change and redefinition. It’s becoming more digitally enabled, and as a result, it is also becoming more mature, more strategic, more essential. That’s the picture that emerged in a…Read blog post

7 travel and expense predictions for 2018

The days when everyone dreaded dealing with expense reports are slowly but surely coming to an end, thanks to new technology. Over the past five years, there has been lots of innovation in the industry, and that’s making life better for both travelers and for the back office. There’s more…Read blog post