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Coupa Inspire ‘18 EMEA: Meet your fellow spend management superheroes

  • October 04, 2018
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  • Suhas Sreedhar
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  • Coupa
Managing your business spend is challenging, grueling work. It’s work that’s absolutely vital to the health of your company, and yet, it often flies completely under the radar. Sales gets praise for closing deals. Products are entrenched at the center of the business. But managing spend--finding those leaky faucets…Read blog post

5 Major Ways Business Spend Management Delivers Value

Unifying business spend management with technology isn’t just a system implementation. It’s a change program with far-reaching effects. The very act of connecting the whole source to pay process—procurement, expenses, invoicing, and payment—on one technology platform delivers significant efficiencies and cost savings in and of itself. But there are…Read blog post

The biggest problem in B2B payments isn’t money. It’s data

Late business payments are slowing the global economy. Payment time now averages 66 days globally, a ten percent increase since 2008. Individual companies may feel the pain most, but delayed payments have a far-reaching negative economic impact. At a time when consumers have more and faster ways to pay than…Read blog post

How to improve Strategic Sourcing with category Management

Category management is a way of driving and delivering value, growth and innovation and yet most companies struggle with the transition from strategic sourcing to effective category management. Improving the category management function not only makes for a smooth handoff, it helps feed continued improvements in strategic sourcing. I…Read blog post

Italy B2B mandate: A tipping point for e-invoicing

In March of this year, Italy made waves in the world of e-invoicing by announcingthat as of January 1, 2019, e-invoicing will be required for all business to business transactions conducted there. This mandate is the first of its kind in Europe, and it caught many industry watchers, including myself,…Read blog post