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Is your company ready for the cloud: a 12-point checklist

As cloud computing crosses the chasm from “pi in the sky” to mass adoption, companies are beginning to approach technology purchases with a cloud first or why not cloud strategy. But is your company ready for the cloud? Here are some practical considerations: Do you have enough internet capacity…Read blog post

Mobile invoice approvals free up time for nerf gun battles

We’ve all got a lot on our plates at work—such as ping-pong tournaments, yoga, epic nerf gun battles and hanging out with Suzie the Snake. That’s why Coupa mobile is bringing invoice approval to your cell phone. You’ll see all of the key invoice details right on…Read blog post

IT needs to be strategic to get benefit of cloud computing

Over the past couple of years, we’ve all heard plenty of buzz about the cloud computing transformation. Many companies grasped the cloud vision early and are now several years into their cloud journey. Many more that have been sitting on the sidelines are beginning to adopt a “Why not…Read blog post

Inventory application development team's got talent!

  • July 10, 2014
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  • Coupa
At our Inspire conference earlier this year, we introduced Coupa Inventory. In a recent review, industry analyst Jason Busch of Spend Matters had this to say about it: 
"We applaud Coupa for keeping inventory management simple – and creating what is a logical value proposition and upsell that should complement its core P2P…
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Spend analytics helps avoid awkward moments with suppliers

Working with organizations in various sourcing and procurement roles over the past 17 years, one of the common challenges I see is not having access to information on a timely basis. The good news is, real-time, or near real-time spend analytics is within reach for companies willing to undertake…Read blog post