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For procurement management success, partnership trumps mandates

During my long career in procurement management, I worked with many folks striving to get recognition, senior-level engagement and ultimately move to a higher level of the organization. I often saw the aspirations of these talented individuals frustrated because they weren’t operating in a way that was going to…Read blog post

Bernshteyn says “No” to supplier network fees

Earlier this month, Procurement Leaders ran a guest post from Forrester Research’s Duncan Jones titled Are eCommerce Network Fees For Suppliers a Barrier Too Far?in which he takes on the perennial controversy of whether network fees are a fair charge for value received, or a barrier to adoption.…Read blog post

Purchase-to-pay processes to get a lot smarter says Coupa CEO

Earlier this month, we held a live “State of Coupa” webcast at our headquarters in San Mateo featuring CEO Rob Bernshteyn. We went over our most recent resultsand highlights from 2013 and then we turned it over to the audience to have Rob take a crack at their most…Read blog post

The best procurement strategy: Outstanding customer service

What exactly does it mean for procurement to be strategic? There are a lot of things wrapped around that, but at a high level I define it as being engaged with your colleagues within the company, being perceived as a valuable resource and ultimately, being decision makers—people who can…Read blog post

PayStream Report: More SMEs plan move to e-invoicing

Last month Coupa released PayStream Advisors' seventh annual look at the “state of the state” of eInvoicing use. The report, Electronic Invoice Management: A Move to the Middle is based on a survey of 300 AP and procurement professionals at U.S. based companies ranging in size from $250 million to $2.5…Read blog post