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Bernshteyn: Come to Coupa Inspire '14

  • March 31, 2014
  • |
  • Rob Bernshteyn
  •  |
  • Coupa
I’d like to personally invite you to Inspire 14. There’s no better, faster way for you to personally evaluate us. You’ll see the product in detail. You’ll talk to experts from all functions within our company. You’ll learn more about how we’re investing in the futureand you’ll have candid…Read blog post

Cloud set to shift e-invoicing benefits, value proposition

In an earlier post, Terry Kohn, director at the Hackett Group and a consultant specializing in e-invoicing and e-procurement strategy for companies in the $1- $15 billion range, shared his insights on crafting a successful e-invoicing strategy. As a self-described e-invoicing geek, he watches the market and helps companies…Read blog post

Developing an e-invoicing strategy

So you say you want an e-invoicing revolution? Meet Terry Kohn, director at the Hackett Group.As a consultant specializing in e-procurement and e-invoicing strategy for companies in the $1-$15 billion range, Terry is a veteran of many such transformations. Since he often leads execution of the strategies he…Read blog post

Coupa CEO details investment plans for new funding round

  • March 20, 2014
  • |
  • Rob Bernshteyn
  •  |
  • CEO
Today we announced that we have raised an additional $40 million investment in a round led by Meritech Capital Partners. We are proud to be able to say that all of our investors from the previous investment rounds also participated. So, why raise money at this stage of the game?…Read blog post

Why using OCR for electronic invoice processing is like hitching a buggy to your horse

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologyis a hardware/software tool that takes a paper document, usually an invoice, scans and “reads” it and turns it into metadata that can be used to populate fields in a database. From there the invoice can be brought into an electronic workflow for processing. Sounds…Read blog post