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Last month Coupa released PayStream Advisors' seventh annual look at the “state of the state” of eInvoicing use. The report, Electronic Invoice Management: A Move to the Middle is based on a survey of 300 AP and procurement professionals at U.S. based companies ranging in size from $250 million to $2.5…Read blog post
Undertaking any kind of business transformation involves change and change always introduces risk. Careers, cash and your company’s competitiveness are at stake. The key to a successful transformation is proactive risk management. There are two areas of risk: that which you control internally, and external risk associated with…Read blog post
There are only two ways a company can increase profitability—make more money or save more, and the two are equally important. I've written previously about how one of the ways procurement can become more strategic is by thinking more like sales.  Salespeoples' sole job is to go out…Read blog post
Reading recently, I came across this ten point procurement fraud prevention checklist by Paul Guile, a CIPS global procurement fraud advisor from across the pond. Paul outlines some basic best practices that your organization should put in place if you haven’t already. I want to recap and…Read blog post
  • January 13, 2014
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  • Tony Darugar
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  • Expenses
Earlier this month, we hosted a webinar on managed travel with Charles Bacharach of Orbitz for Business and our own Tony Darugar, Product Manager for Coupa Expenses. Back in April of 2013 Coupa bought a travel and expense management company called Xpenser which Tony founded. We thought we’d…Read blog post