• Undertaking any kind of business transformation involves change and change always introduces risk. Careers, cash and your company’s competitiveness are at...
    Amit Duvedi
    Amit Duvedi
    Vice President, Business Strategy Value Management, Coupa Software

    Prior to his role at Coupa, Amit served as VP of Consultative Sales and Strategy for SAP.

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    Four People With Question Marks in Front of Their Face and One Person Showing Face
  • There are only two ways a company can increase profitability—make more money or save more, and the two are equally important...
    Rob Bernshteyn
    Rob Bernshteyn
    CEO & Chairman, Coupa Software

    Rob Bernshteyn previously served as part of the executive management team at SuccessFactors (now part of SAP), running product marketing & management for this leader in HCM SaaS software. He also worked in product management at Siebel Systems, management consulting at McKinsey, and SAP systems integration consulting at Accenture. Bernshteyn holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems from the University of New York at Albany.

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    Is it time for procurement to have a spend optimization quota?
  • Reading supplychain.com recently, I came across this ten point procurement fraud prevention checklist by Paul Guile, a CIPS global procurement fraud...
    Jack Miles
    Jack Miles

    Jack is an advisor known for his experience developing and executing business strategies and his ability to deliver operational excellence in functions which typically under perform in most companies. He has lead procurement teams in both the public and private sector and is a member of Coupa's Visionary Council.

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    Going beyond the obvious to root out procurement fraud