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How to speed requisition to order time: Shorter approval chains

Your internal purchase order process faces tough competition from the phone or internet and a credit card. When an employee needs to buy something to do their job, they usually need it fast, and they’d probably rather run afoul of the procurement or accounting process than their boss, or a…Read blog post

When, why and how to get started with category management

In a smaller business, procurement tends to be informal and transactional. There’s probably someone in operations, or an admin, whose job it is to go out and buy things. There’s no sourcing being done. They simply search online and buy what they need, and that’s fine. However, as businesses…Read blog post

How mid-markets can get started with vendor risk management

When you're a small company, in the hierarchy of risks, vendor risk is near the bottom. As a mid-market company, there’s a growing awareness that vendor risk needs to be managed. Brand reputation, competitive advantage and company finances are all at stake. You may not have a lot of vendors,…Read blog post

Experts share 9 surprising ways P2P will advance this year

2018 looks to be banner year for sourcing and procure to pay. The field has been on a decade-long trajectory of change and redefinition. It’s becoming more digitally enabled, and as a result, it is also becoming more mature, more strategic, more essential. That’s the picture that emerged in a…Read blog post

The new way to manage supplier risk: Big data and fast action

Back in May, Coupa acquired a startup called Riskopy, builders of a product called Risk Aware. After working with early access customers to integrate the product to their Coupa instances, we announced the general availability of Risk Aware at Inspire EMEA in October.   We’ve also integrated Riskopy co-founder Ahmad Sadeddin as senior…Read blog post