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Why pre-approved spend is the ultimate benchmark

In a perfect business spend management scenario, employees submit a requisition and get an approved purchase order for everything they spend money on, outside of monthly recurring items such as utilities and leases. When spending is pre-approved, it means employees are buying from contracted vendors, getting negotiated savings and complying…Read blog post

Building a risk-intelligent culture

Every company faces certain risks to their business, and every company has a culture around how they address them. While official responsibility for managing risk rests with executive leadership, and in large companies, a dedicated risk management function, the company’s risk culture often forms unintentionally, based on how these people…Read blog post

Key tools and skills needed to transform the procurement experience

eProcurement platforms drive a process and are the foundation for digital procurement, but a technology platform alone does not a digital procurement organization make. It’s the data collected through the platform, and how you use it that will be transformative. In order to make optimal use of the data, the…Read blog post

How to speed requisition to order time: Shorter approval chains

Your internal purchase order process faces tough competition from the phone or internet and a credit card. When an employee needs to buy something to do their job, they usually need it fast, and they’d probably rather run afoul of the procurement or accounting process than their boss, or a…Read blog post

When, why and how to get started with category management

In a smaller business, procurement tends to be informal and transactional. There’s probably someone in operations, or an admin, whose job it is to go out and buy things. There’s no sourcing being done. They simply search online and buy what they need, and that’s fine. However, as businesses…Read blog post