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Odyssey Logistics Drives Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chains

As a global logistics provider Odyssey uses Coupa to optimize transportation and inventory in the midst of capacity shortages and rising prices, while ensuring customers are a top priority.

Company Overview
Odyssey provides global rail, ground transportation, warehousing, freight forwarding, managed services and consulting. Customers look to Odyssey to strategically manage their logistics operations.
Danbury, CT

Value Stats

$3 Billion

In spend under management

$90 Million

Actionable savings for one customer

459M+ kg

Of yearly CO2 emissions reduced


Odyssey Logistics’ customers needed to know if their distribution sites were in the correct locations to meet end user demand


Odyssey can more efficiently solve for key use cases like network, inventory, and transportation optimization


Odyssey has identified and implemented over $90M in actionable savings opportunities for one of its customers

Supply chains are changing faster than ever. Coupa now allows us to conduct quick, agile studies.

Bob Boyle, Vice President of Odyssey Enterprise Managed Services, Odyssey