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Now every employee can help your company save money

Why should the way we buy at work be any different than the way we buy at home? Answer: It shouldn’t. And so Coupa Procurement was born. It doesn’t matter how powerful your procurement software is on the back end - if people can’t or won’t use it you won’t save a dime. We set out to change that, and we succeeded. Companies that use Coupa see unprecedented rates of user adoption. Most of our customers say Coupa makes shopping at work feel just like online shopping at home.

We still weren’t satisfied though, because procurement is not the only way companies spend money. Employees buy things and expense them, or they order things and an invoice shows up. So we asked ourselves another big question: Why should those spending functions operate independently? Answer: They shouldn’t. They’re being artificially siloed by the available point solutions. So, we set out to build a unified suite that brings that same user-centric approach to all of the ways companies spend money, giving you 360-degree visibility of the all the spending that’s happening company wide so you can see and save.

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We’re passionate about helping you save

We’re changing the way people save money and we’re excited about it. There are very few companies that say they’re as smart about spending money as they could be, and we’re passionate about empowering them with software to change that. — Rob Bernshteyn, CEO, Coupa Software

Who We Are

Today we’re still all about the end user and giving people innovative spend management solutions to help them contribute to the company savings

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Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, Coupa is expanding into every continent to ensure global coverage. If you’re in the area, stop by and say hello!


Our Core Values

At Coupa, we live by social code of three core values that guide our business strategies and day-to-day execution.


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Coupa has been named a Top Place to Work in the Bay Area. Interested in becoming a Coupanian? We’d like to talk to you!


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