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Brandeis University automated expenses & increased compliance

Brandeis University chose Coupa to manage its manual and burdensome expense processes to support employees traveling between campuses.
Company Overview
Brandeis University is a top-tier research university, which gives students a unique combination of resources and access.
Waltham, MA


  • Previous expense submission process was manual and error-prone
  • Accounts Payable wasted time tracking reports and processing expenses


  • Coupa Expenses
  • Coupa Procurement


  • Automation of expense submission process resulted in adoption of compliance goals
  • Increased user adoption and satisfaction through Coupa Expenses’ Intelligent Interface

"Within higher education there is a vast range of users with varying levels of comfort related to technology use. The straight forward design and ease of use of Coupa expenses is exactly why the system is so successful at Brandeis."

Courtney Sampson, Director of Procurement & Accounts Payable- Brandeis University