Coupa Expense Comprehensive Expense Management Software to Maximize Value

Expense Management Software

Unlock the Power of Your Expense Management

Drive value beyond basic expense processing with an intelligent expense management software that does it all.
  • Reduce Organizational Risk

    Capture all T&E spend — both before and after expenses are incurred — to control costs and reduce spend leakages wherever opportunities exist.

  • Save Employees Time

    Integrate your end-to-end expense management processes to eliminate manual work and boost efficiency for both your employees and finance teams.

  • Drive T&E Savings

    Uncover new ways to optimize your expense management and spend with actionable prescriptions based on $4T of anonymized community spend data.

  • Expense Management Software that Helps You Reduce Organizational Risk
  • Save Employees Time with Automated Expense Management
  • Drive T&E Savings with Coupa Spend Management System
Payment Fraud: Assessing and Responding to an Escalating Threat

Take Your Expense Management to the Next Level

Coupa's comprehensive expense management solutions gives you the flexibility you want with the advanced capabilities you need.

Automate Expense Reporting

Eliminate time-consuming manual data entry into expense reports software with Coupa's advanced OCR technology and seamless integrations. Automatically import expense line items and receipts from a variety of sources to increase accuracy and expedite expense report creation.

Improve Your Expense Compliance Rate

Coupa automatically scores every expense report using our intelligent audit algorithms to prevent fraud and control travel-expense spend. Seamlessly manage value-added tax (VAT), global per diems, receipt digitization, and more to further track against complex global compliance requirements.

Gain Full Visibility into Expense Management

See all travel and expense spend in one place to accurately gauge program performance and identify savings opportunities. Leverage to identify business opportunities and use tailored prescriptions to uplevel your program.
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Gain End-to-End Travel Spend Visibility

Get earlier visibility and control of travel expenses before it occurs and ensure that expense reports are always tied back to approved spend. Through, Coupa's trip price predictions take the guesswork out of requesting travel budgets.

Capture All T&E Spend

Seamlessly integrate travel spend with the rest of your business spend through Coupa's comprehensive business expense software. Gain visibility into travel spend before it occurs and seamlessly capture expenses from thousands of travel vendors.
Expense Management and Travel Integrations

Simplify Employee Reimbursements

Eliminate dependency on payroll cycles by reimbursing employees for their expenses directly from within Coupa. By integrating with your banks and providing a simple self-service experience for employees, Expense Payments helps accelerate reimbursements and increase employee satisfaction.
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Track Expenses On the Go

Expedite expense capture and reporting by using SmarterTrip to intelligently track business expenses based on your location to automate mileage tracking, receipt capture, and more.
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The Power of Expense Management Synergy

Unlock more value from your expense management software with Coupa's suite of seamlessly integrated BSM applications.


Expense + Procurement

Turn your business expenses into savings by identifying expensed transactions that could be procured in the future for greater visibility and control in your procurement process.

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Expense + Pay

Create a seamless expensing experience for employees and expedite the reconciliation process by automatically generating virtual payment cards for pre-approved expenses.
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Expense + Spend Guard

Monitor expense reports in real time to identify fraudulent behavior, out-of-policy spend, and duplicate transactions before spend leakages occur.
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Concentrix Identifies $1.6M Opportunity to Procure Spend for Savings
Concentrix uses Coupa to analyze their spend data and surface opportunities where they can move post-approved expenses to pre-approved contracted spend. With Coupa, they were able to identify more than a million dollars of procurable expenses to drive more savings.
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