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Talos Energy Gains Visibility, Efficiency and Savings With Coupa

Talos Energy leveraged Coupa to update their paper-based procurement system, gaining visibility and control of spend, better inventory management, and more operational efficiency.
Company Overview
Talos Energy is a leading offshore energy company focused on oil and gas exploration and production.
Houston, TX

Value as a Service


Spend under Management


Increase in Spend Visibility


Decrease in Invoice Cycle Time


Manual processing was slow and vulnerable to maverick spending.

Paper-based systems and ad hoc PO numbers were inefficient and costly.

Lack of visibility impacted operations of drilling platforms as well as their maintenance and repairs.


Ease-of-use enabled adoption by managers.

Added visibility allows spend consolidation and identifying sourcing opportunities for cost savings.

Pre-approved spend and e-invoicing has enabled automated 3-way match and posting of accruals.

"Our platform operations now run more smoothly, while spend visibility and control helps our reporting and our bottom line."

Christie Bourque, Procurement Lead