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Integrating Applications: Let’s Get Real


A Disciplined Approach to Building Application Integrations in the Real World


Integrating applications to support end to end business processes that span different functions across an enterprise is a requirement that is probably as old as the software industry itself. What has evolved are the tools and patterns…

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Manage Your Priceless Assets - Your APIs

Gone are the days when APIs were purely technical application programming interfaces. Today APIs are the cornerstones of a digital business. Today we are living in the “API economy.” Business and IT leaders are coming together to build new revenue models for companies based on a robust API strategy.…

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Coupa Rolls Out Tech Blog!

In the world of technology, there is a long history of sharing information, best practices and code. In the 1950s and 60s, universities were early adopters of computers, and in keeping with the academic principle of sharing knowledge freely, they shared with each other what we today call hacks—tips and…

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