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The role of the CIO in the digital era

Today, every IT leader has to have a strategy for digital transformation. But what is digital transformation, and how do you craft a strategy? What is the role of SaaS solutions? Is it safe to leave the confines of the ERP?   Those were the issues that were top of…Read blog post

The real SaaS differentiator: Cloud native

Back in the day when cloud computing was new, simply delivering your software as a service from the cloud was a differentiator. Now that many software companies have migrated their solutions to the cloud or created SaaS versions of them, it’s gotten harder for buyers to figure out which…Read blog post

3 big reasons why spend management should live outside the ERP

Back in the early ‘90s, ERP systems revolutionized manufacturing and supply chain management, giving companies an automated way manage the end-to-end process of purchasing raw materials to production to shipping to revenue. Today, ERPs have cemented their place as core systems to manage direct supply chain spending, production and financial…Read blog post

8 Ways IT will grow and mature in 2017

What will 2017 bring for IT? We asked some of the smartest CIOs we know--Frank Yanan, Victor Tung, Paul Tuxford, and Kendra Von Esh--to weigh in. They see IT evolving into a much more strategic function as technology advances. The march toward the cloud will continue, as will the…Read blog post

Value optimization is the ultimate promise of SaaS

SaaS is not just changing the way software is delivered. It’s changing the way software vendors and customers work together. What’s changed the game is data. Vendors, with visibility into performance data across their whole platform, now have opportunity to understand the best practices of successful customers and create performance…Read blog post