Coupas Top 5 Cloud Transformations and Supplier Innovations

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What is the second machine age and how can we prepare for it? Should the worlds of AP and procurement collide? How can we continue to drive innovation?

Keep up with the changing finance and procurement landscape by reading the latest and greatest articles about the cloud, strategic procurement and finance and supplier innovation, all in one place.

Coupa 1For CFOs, Tech Transition Is A Matter of When, Not If

According to a survey by financial services company UBS AG, over half of American and European CIOs plan to shift to cloud services. The speed of adoption depends their ability, willingness and commitment to the change management processes and education of their employees when rolling out new cloud applications.

Coupa 2Where Will Technology Take Procurement?

The second machine age is coming! That was the keynote at a recent Procurement Leaders event in Frankfurt. What can procurement do to prepare? Data must become central to everything we do, and decisions taken by gut instinct must become a thing of the past, says David Rae. 

Coupa 3Procurement Must Champion Supplier Innovation

How can business leaders best ensure that their companies generate new ideas and retain a competitive edge? Innovation from the supply base can come at a lower cost than from a formal R&D group when properly managed by procurement, yet this avenue is often undervalued and overlooked, says Paul Teague.

Coupa 4Where AP and Procurement (Should) Collide

AP and procurement teams have historically operated independently, but as companies increasingly rely on the two to work together to increase savings, improve processes and compliance and drive innovation, they will succeed or fail together says CPO Rising’s Andrew Bartolini in a new report. recaps and comments.

Coupa 5The Five Traits of “World Class” Procurement Organizations

Companies are looking to sourcing and procurement organizations to do a more than cut costs, although ironically it is their success in doing so that’s led to them gaining trusted advisor status. Here are five ways to live up to new, higher expectations and deliver value beyond cost cutting.