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Woodward Inc. Gains Immediate Control, Visibility, and Savings

When Woodward Inc. adopted Coupa they replaced cumbersome outdated ERPs with one streamlined system with added visibility, full compliance, and significant savings.
Company Overview
Woodward Inc. designs, manufactures, and services control systems and components for aircraft and other heavy engines.
Fort Collins, CO

Value as a Service


Savings in One Year


Unnecessary Spend Rejected


Electronic Invoicing


Multiple systems were in use, causing fragmentation of data.

The old ERP system was challenging to learn, difficult to navigate, and not intuitive.

Visibility of spend was limited, particularly if on a credit card or in a different ERP.


With only one system now, all data and information behind purchasing are visible.

Layout and functionality of the UX drive successful adoption.

Electronic processing of invoices has brought electronic invoicing to 86%.

"Coupa has been a great tool for compliance. We can now follow all our policies and procedures, which makes our auditors very happy."

Richard Landerholm, Global Supply Chain Manager