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Coupa Contingent Workforce

Optimize and Control
Advanced Services Spend

Contingent Workforce Management with Coupa (PDF)

Coupa Contingent Workforce

Optimize and Control
Advanced Services Spend

Contingent Workforce Management with Coupa (PDF)

Get Compliant and Gain Complete Visibility of Your Services Spend

Companies spend more on services than any other category, but lack visibility and control. With the gig economy and increased access to global talent, the reliance on temporary labor and SOW-based services is expected to grow. Coupa Contingent Workforce is the solution that provides management with the advanced capabilities businesses need to source and manage contingent workers and complex services at scale.

Optimize Labor Spend

Pay competitive rates for contingent workers by driving employees to preferred suppliers.

Gain Complete Visibility

Gain insights into services spend and track worker performance with contingent workforce management software.

Reduce Compliance Risk

Follow company policies and laws governing temporary labor worldwide.

Product Features

Easily Source Service Providers

The Coupa Contingent Workforce management software solution lets you initiate requests for temporary work or advanced SOW-based projects as well as source and collect bids from the right talent by leveraging recommendations from an AI-powered best-fit resume index.

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Make Services Procurement and Supplier Collaboration Easy

Route requests through a flexible approval workflow. Seamlessly release approved work orders to suppliers and enable them to track work completion details and timesheets. Stay up-to-date on the status of deliverables for your projects. All with the Coupa Contingent Workforce management solution.


Efficiently Manage Onboarding while Increasing Visibility

Onboard and offboard your contingent workforce quickly and securely. Analyze services spend and worker performance to get more value from every dollar you spend.

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Manage Advanced Services Spend the Modern Way with Coupa’s Contingent Workforce and Services Procurement Software

For many organizations, complex services make up a considerable percentage of overall spend—and that number is on the rise across virtually every industry. While you work hard to negotiate rates, define deliverables, and agree on terms and conditions, once your suppliers or consultants begin work, keeping track of the actual work done and invoiced can be a real challenge. Coupa Contingent Workforce makes the management of advanced services procurement simple. Source high-quality suppliers, accelerate the

procurement and onboarding process, track time, materials, and costs, and confirm that suppliers are meeting service level agreements (SLAs). Ensure compliance with complex contracts and collaborate easily with suppliers to gain a better understanding of project progress and value. Offboard contingent workers efficiently and securely. Coupa Contingent Workforce gives organizations a high level of visibility and control over advanced services spend, as part of a holistic business spend management program.